Organic Makeup & Beauty Products

7 Tips to Switch to Organic Makeup & Beauty Products

There are numerous reasons why organic makeup and skincare products are better for your skin. Today, so many benefits tell us exactly why organic products are ideal for different skin types, but making the transition is a task that requires a lot of courage for most. Sometimes making the switch from conventional to organic makeup products can be an overwhelming task, especially if you have no clue on where to start. Transitioning your cosmetics or beauty products to organic may call for a little patience from your end, but the payoff can help you to feel good both from the inside and out.

Not only are organic products great for your skin but also Mother Nature! It is amazing for sensitive skin and today, most beauty mavens use it in their regimen daily. These days, people are not just aware of the ingredients organic products contain, but they also probe deeper into how they can help to detoxify your skin and keep it safe from blemishes and acne.

To help you get started with the transition, here are seven tips on how you can introduce organic makeup into your beauty kit slowly and eventually make the switch without worrying about spending extra on the products.

How to Stop Using Conventional Makeup Products & Switch to Organic!

At first, it feels like a risky task, but that is not how is has to be! An organic beauty regimen comes with a horde of benefits that your skin will thank you for and it fits within your budget. However, here are some tips for you.

1. Start small

when talking about making the switch to organic makeup products, this does not mean you throw out your makeup kit! The best tip for you is to start small and replace one or two products that you use often. You can begin with your facial wash, lotion, cream or makeup remover, basically, items that you use daily. This way, you can rotate between different organic brands to find the best one that suits you the most.

2. Patience is the Key

deciding that you do not want to use conventional beauty products is not something that you can do overnight and tossing them out instantly is not an option. Give yourself some time. Get to know each organic product available and take a slow step to a healthier and safer beauty routine. This works as the first step to walking away from harmful substances!

3. Carry Out Some Research

once you make up your mind to make the switch, it is best to understand exactly how organic products work. Do they cause allergic reactions? Are they safe? Probably, these two questions will pop up in your mind. Among numerous chemical substances present in conventional makeup, organic only contains limited and 100% natural ingredients. Familiarize yourself with brands in organic makeup, go through their products and read more about them.

4. Go Through the Ingredients List

organic makeup products only contain natural minerals and organic products like papaya extracts, pumpkin, Aloe Vera, and more. If you go for mineral products, then keep an eye on their ingredients, as they should contain zinc oxide, titanium oxide, and iron oxide. If you cannot make sense of the ingredients, and how they work, you can always search over the internet. However, you should know that these three elements work as sunscreen for your skin.

5. Go One By One

when you decide on the products, you wish to use, start trying them out! You can toss out the old ones and move to more categories under organic skincare or beauty products. For a starter, you can try out organic eye shadow powders or foundations for your makeup routine.

6. Understand the Sensitivity Level of Your Skin

Although most organic products are safe for your skin and suitable for sensitive skin types, just keep an eye out for specific ingredients like Parabens, which are toxic to the skin and could lead to cancers. It is advisable that you choose products that contain essential oils and organic extracts from natural plants. Otherwise, your skin could be allergic and reactions could occur.

7. Find a Suitable Brand

Finally, making the transition means choosing a brand that is worth it all. Since changing to organic makeup means adding new products for your skin, it is best that you choose a brand that is famous for its quality and ingredients.

Switching to organic products comes with numerous advantages including a healthier skin, keeps it well hydrated, covers blemishes, prevents premature aging of the skin, smoothens out wrinkles, and more benefits. Making the transition to organic beauty products is definitely a choice that you would love! Try it today to see the wonders of such safe products.


Angela John is working as Content Strategist at IQ Natural, the Organic Makeup company. She is a Beauty Blogger and public speaker. Her goal is to educate people about on various health conditions, beauty and Organic Makeup. She is a passionate writer.