How to Get Your Jumpsuit into Limelight

Jumpsuits and rompers are the biggest thing this season, and you must be pro-active in jazzing up yours to get your jumpsuit into limelight. Fashionistas have argued that the clashing of jumpsuits at a party is a bigger calamity that the clashing of cocktail dresses, as options for accessorizing a jumpsuit is limited. However, you must remember that the biggest determining factor in getting your jumpsuit to steal that show is to wear it like nobody else can.


For this trick to work, you must be acutely aware of your body. Take your time at trial rooms and experiment with jumpsuits to determine what types hang best on you. Your feminity is your biggest advantage, and the jumpsuit you choose must either boldly or subtly accentuate your curves. There is no tried and tested formula that will enable you to choose a jumpsuit – it is left largely to your discretion.

Jumpsuits that hang loose from your shoulders but accentuate your bust without drawing focus can train the limelight on you if you have the personality and attitude to carry it off. Necklines come in all shapes and sizes, and you can choose plunging necklines that show off that tanned cleavage or cleverly designed tops that allow a sneak peak of your perfect cleavage, as befits the occasion and the person that you are.

The most important factor to be weighed when considering jumpsuits is that you must be true to yourself. Half the battle in carrying off jumpsuits is determined by whether or not your attitude allows you to carry it off. If you are an introvert but have been mislead into buying a bold jumpsuit, the beauty that the apparel can provide is lost to you. You would be more comfortable with a sexy tube top jumpsuit hangs loose around your torso, but is drawn in by a belt to capitalize on the shape of your waist.

To turn heads and make them appreciatively linger in your direction, be careful when accessorizing them. Jumpsuits do not call for many accessories as simplicity is a part of the bill. Belts are probably the single most important accessory that you will have to consider. Chic jumpsuits come with their own belt partner, but you can choose to add your creativity to make a dazzling outfit. Petite women can reach for a broad belt to draw attention to their hourglass figures, while those with a definitive waist line can choose from moderately wide or thin belts to accentuate their figures.

Most jumpsuits do not allow necklaces or chains to be a part of the show, but earrings can be experimented with. Seated at a table, you will want to maximize the effect you can have with your earrings and the tunic part of your jumpsuit. Thus, pay keen attention to the effects that a pair of earrings have on you and your jumpsuit.

Bangles or bracelets are the other avenue of accessorization that must not be ignored. If you are wearing short sleeves or sleeveless jumpsuits, a chunky bracelet or a bunch of bangles can notch up the heat by several degrees.

Footwear can be thought of as an extension of a jumpsuit rather than as an accessory. Allow the style and the length of your jumpsuit to determine your footwear. You may want to add some contrast to your footwear so as you avoid looking like a monochromatic cut-out. Contrast your footwear and clutch / bag to add color.

Jumpsuits can be disastrous if they are ill-chosen. To steal the show, imitation must not feature in your selection process as you can’t determine the effect a jumpsuit that someone else wore to the last party or to work will look on you. Be original in your selection of a jumpsuit, and allow your body type, personality and complexion to determine what jumpsuit to pick up.

When at work, a jumpsuit can train the limelight on you as you present both professionalism and flexibility. Jumpsuits are better alternatives for pin-striped three piece suits or pencil skirts as they render the wearer rigid and thus unapproachable. Jumpsuits, on the other hand, speak of easy comfort, and you will find yourself a favorite among your colleagues as you apparel speaks of comfort and smartness.

Jumpsuits are available in a plethora of forms, and it is for you to decide what you wish to represent via your apparel. You can choose to be the ever-ready one by switching from professional to fun by simply adding or subtracting accessories. What better way to steal the limelight than to walk into a lounge full of exhausted young men and women, looking like a picture of relaxation in a jumpsuit that has been revamped for an evening of fun. Take over the controls on your hectic life with a good jumpsuit.


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