Wedding Bands for Men

How To Choose Men’s Wedding Bands?

When it comes to a wedding, the first thing that comes to mind is jewelry. It is the women who always think about it first, and they get the best too. But it’s time men gave a thought to this aspect as well. After all, you, as the groom, have every right to flaunt your only jewelry.

It does matter; after all, you don’t get married every day. So when you about to walk down the aisle, think about other details also. Shopping for your prized accessory has become easy now. You have so many options to choose from.

The availability of choices can confuse you a lot at the same time. So, base your selection on the following factors

1. Keep it simple

Men like to wear simple and elegant pieces. So, you can keep it simple. Sleek and minimal things never go out of fashion. It is the precise reason why a classic gold item is always in demand.

The variations that you can make here are in the form and the appearance. For a difference, you can go in for the following

a – Carved angles

You can have this type of change in the classic plain yellow gold band. The difference is the small protruding edge that adds a unique touch. Some men may find it attractive, with the subtle edges standing out on a traditional gold band’s curve.

b – Add a diamond 

The tiny diamonds, one or more, can add that shine and sparkle to a wedding band for men. Follow your desire when choosing the number of beautiful small clusters of tiny rocks you want.

2. Durability

It is wise to prefer durability and strength for lasting qualities in your band. After all, your ring has to pass all the wear and tear. Avoid the thin and delicate ones as they may lose shape or break.

As it is, gold is a soft metal. But you have the option of getting a mixed variety instead of the pure one. Go for white gold or rose gold as these metals are strong enough. While the pure gold may fail you, you may think of replacing it with more robust options.

3. Your style

Men tend to go for the classic gold wedding bands. You want a piece that holds a timeless appeal. So choose an adornment that is close to your heart. Select a piece that you will wear, day in and day out.

If you like yellow gold, then don’t settle for rose gold or white gold. This way, you will have the style that always holds the charm for you.

Taking care of your valuables

A wedding band is probably the only jewelry that men may possess, apart from the wristwatch. It would be best if you take properly maintain your prized possession.

Imagine how your adornment will be in a few years. The wear and tear will show its effect sooner or later. Make sure your band stays in top form. All you need to do is follow some simple rules.

1. Time factors

Bear in mind when to wear that band and when to keep them bright and shining. By the time, the reference is to any activities in which you participate. Keep those valuables safe in the closet when going for a swim or playing a sport. But you need not remove it often only to lose it or misplace it.

Besides, you can even wear protective gloves if indulging in some rough activities like gardening.

2. Re-sizing Factors

Wearing a loose diamond ring throughout the year is a matter of concern. Before you go for adjustments, bear in mind some considerations. Pay attention to the climate of the region where you stay. Changing temperatures, weight alterations, and travels can have their effects on the ring and the rock.

3. Insurance Of Your Ring

Get a plan for your band as soon as it is possible. Men buy their cherished bands and forget about insurance. They may retain the ring with them for some time. Get your possessions insured the moment you get them. Some companies offer a cover, along with the current plan that you may have.

4- The Repairs and Shine

Gold is a soft substance and a fragile thing that can break, chip, or crack. No doubt, the settings keep it in place. However, you may not know, and a hard hit may chip a part of it. So, take care of it. When you feel it needs a shine, take it to a reliable jeweler who may do professional cleaning.

You can avoid DIY techniques if you are not sure.

For the final word

Search well to lay your hand on a timeless piece and take care of the same.


This article has been posted on behalf of Maharaja’s Fine Jewelry  to pick a wedding band for men, thanks to a few guidelines that help you select a memorable piece for lasting memories.