Clean Your Diamond Engagement Ring

How To Clean A Diamond Engagement Ring At Home

Your diamond ring is evidence of your undying love for your partner, one look, and you remember when you said “I do” and how an exciting chapter in your life began. But right now, it’s dirty, it has lost its shine, and with the number of times you have had it on when washing your hands with hand sanitizers, you might feel as if it has lost its shine. When you consider the fact that your ring is an ideal breeding ground of viruses, grime, and bacteria, you might want to hurry to the sink.

You’ve reached the sink, now what? Well, here is our list of things to do and NOT do to bring back and maintain your diamond’s shine.

6 Tips To Clean Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Tips To Clean Your Diamond Engagement Ring

1. Inspect the ring

Before you do anything to the ring, you should inspect it closely and check the ring’s state. This is so you can determine if the ring’s claws are still firm or if some diamonds are about to come loose in their setting. Proceeding to clean it when it is in bad shape could worsen the problem.

2. Use soap and water only

It might shock you to know that your diamond is not as demanding as you initially thought. Just soap and water are okay to get all the dirt out and keep the germs away. Once you have confirmed that the ring is in tiptop shape, you should soak it in soap and warm water.

3. Get a soft toothbrush

We know you want your diamond ring extra clean, but you should not forget that it is still a ring, and you need to treat it with care. You should buy a soft or baby toothbrush to scrub the dirt away gently.

4. Be regular

It would be best if you didn’t wait for your diamond to lose its shine completely or for when it is riddled with all kinds of dirt and germs before you clean it. You should try to wash it in soap and water solution once a week or once in two weeks, depending on your schedule.

5. Give your ring a break

To keep your ring’s sparkle, you must give it a day off from time to time. When you decide to give it a break,  is entirely up to you. You can take it off when you are indoors or decide to wear it only on weekdays. This allows you to get an enhanced sparkle when you eventually wear your ring.

6. Go professional

There is only as much as you can do by yourself at home. Your ring might have a blemish that is hard to get off, or upon inspection, you might notice that the claws have weakened and some diamonds are loose in their setting. Under conditions like these or similar, the best solution is to take the ring to a professional, which means taking your ring to a jeweler to have it looked at and professionally cleaned and maintained.

How To NOT Clean Your Diamond Ring

When cleaning your ring, it is important to note the things you should avoid.

How To NOT Clean Your Diamond Ring

1. Don’t use stiff brushes

You should make sure only to use soft brushes when cleaning your ring. Cleaning it with a stiff brush might do more damage than good. It might put some scratches on the band, weaken the claws, and lead to some of the diamonds falling off the ring.

2. Careful with creams and lotions

You should consciously avoid getting creams or lotions on your ring. Doing otherwise could leave your ring looking dirty and, in extreme situations, appear discolored. Constantly using hand cream, makeup, fake tan, and lotions can undo all the good work you have done to keep your ring clean.

3. Don’t use ultrasonic jewelry cleaners at home

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners work by sending vibrations through the water, which in turn cleans your ring in record time. However, the constant vibration can cause stones to fall out or make them loose. If a professional jeweler uses the machine, the individual can inspect and put the stones in place if need be, but if you use the machine at home, you would not be able to tell if the stones have come loose until they fall out.


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