Purchasing an Engagement Ring

7 Worst Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing an Engagement Ring

Well done! Having that you’re thinking of an engagement ring, it’s a clear indication that your relationship is heading in the right direction. This is one of the happiest moments in one’s life. On occasion, such as engagement, everyone hopes that everything will be perfect.

The moment should be memorable, and the ring should be stunning. However, purchasing an engagement ring is not an easy task. There are endless choices in the market, which may lead to mistakes. To avoid making a mess, here are some of the mistakes you should try hard to avoid.

1. Not Researching Enough

Before settling on a specific diamond ring, you should do more research. A diamond ring, especially an engagement one, is a piece with sentimental value. You don’t want to buy an engagement ring only to find out that it was not worthy of time and cost later.

Not Researching Enough on Diamond RingWhether you prefer pink diamond rings or any other fancy color diamonds, you must do in-depth research.

In a digital era, there are many platforms to research on and come up with an excellent choice. Researching will not only help you in getting a fair price but also getting the design your partner will love.

2. Forgetting to Get a GIA Certificate

GIA provides an essential certificate describing the features of a ring you’ve chosen. It is the US’s leading authority concerning the authentication of diamonds and in providing papers to assist in further diamonds deals.

GIA Sample Certificate
GIA Sample Certificate

GIA provides a certificate entailing the price of the ring. It also describes the ring in terms of the 4C’s (Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat). In the absence of the certificate, you cannot lease or sell the diamond.

The certificate assures you of the diamond’s worth so that you can purchase a legit and ideal ring of your choice. With the GIA certificate, you can invest your ring and make successful deals.

3. Not Setting a Budget

Contrary to popular opinion, setting a budget for your engagement ring will not make you unromantic. It’s obvious you want to buy a ring that is right for her. But will you keep up with the price? Are you ready to spend any amount on the ring?

When planning to purchase the engagement ring, remember the wedding day is right behind the corner. You may also want to look into other bills like rent, health, etc. Consider budgeting on how your usual lifestyle will not be affected negatively after purchasing your diamond ring.

4. Not Seeking Specialists Advice

In any business, there are pros. This also applies to diamond rings as well. Seeking a diamond ring specialist’s advice will help you a great deal to get answers from a person with much experience compared to a salesperson at the shop.

A specialist will advise you on how to choose a better-designed ring to suit your needs.

5. Doing It All by Yourself

Shopping for an engagement ring all by yourself is another mistake many people make. You want to make it a surprise but not a mistake. Try talking to your partner’s friends and family for you to get a glimpse of what she might prefer.

She might have spoken to someone about the ring she would want for her engagement. Remember, they must be the kind to keep secret not to ruin your big day.

6. Comfortability of the Ring

The ring should be not only beautiful but also comfortable. There’s a higher probability that this ring will be worn on most, if not every occasion. Having said that, the ring should not be too tight nor too loose.

The ring should have an interior that allows air circulation and room for the skin to freely relax and contract. The ring’s shanks should be designed well to ensure the ring does not twist, and it stays at the center of the finger.

7. Not Buying from a Reputable Source

Purchasing a diamond ring can be a bit expensive. You might be tempted to buy the ring from a less reputable source to save a few dollars.

By doing so, you stand a chance to lose everything as you might find out that the ring does not match what you wanted, and in a worse case, it might be fake.

Ensure that you purchase the ring from a well reputable source that guarantees you the product’s quality.

Final Thoughts

When buying a diamond engagement ring, be patient with everything. Take time to do your research and only purchase from a certified source that can provide the product’s authentication.


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