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All About Lab-Grown Diamonds

Nowadays the demand for a lab-grown diamond is increasing and it is more popular. Many people consider buying this one. But do you know how natural diamonds differ from this one? If you have little knowledge about the lab-grown diamond, no worries!! Continue reading to know more.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

As the name reflects, lab-grown diamonds are grown in the laboratory under certain heat and pressure. These diamonds are also known as Synthetic diamonds, artificial diamonds, or man-made diamonds.

As these diamonds are made in a laboratory, it doesn’t mean it lacks all the quality of a pure diamond. It is better than the natural diamond as it covers all the imperfections of the natural diamond. These diamonds have the same chemical structure as the natural diamond.

How Are lab-Grown Diamonds Made?

Lab Grown Diamonds

Once you know about lab-grown diamonds, the next thing that you want to know is how these diamonds are made.

Like natural diamonds, these diamonds also require the same process to grow them at the laboratory. Natural diamonds take millions of years to grow. But when it comes to the lab-grown diamond, it takes several weeks.

Firstly, to make a man-made diamond, they start with a tiny piece called a diamond seed. Later, this diamond seed is kept in a chamber. This helps to mimic the quality of the natural diamonds.

This seed is coated in pure carbon. Later, they are transformed into a man-made diamond that possesses all the chemical qualities of the natural diamond.

Generally, It is made using two different methods. One is High-pressure high temperature (HPHT) and the other diamond is Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).

In the High-pressure high-temperature method, high heat and pressure are applied to the diamond seed. In the Chemical Vapor Deposition method, heat and pressure applied here are comparatively lesser than the High-Pressure High-Temperature method. In this method, a mixture of chemical gases is introduced in the chamber and it is broken down and hardens to form crystallized carbon atoms. This is how lab diamonds are made.

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Real?

As these diamonds are grown in the laboratory, most people doubt whether these diamonds are real or not.

But the truth is these diamonds are real. They are just like the natural ones. Lab-grown diamonds also test positive as the real diamond. So you don’t have to worry about this. But sometimes, diamonds that are made of HPHT contain impurities. So there is a chance that these diamonds can be tested as non-diamond or moissanite.

Like natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds also rank 10 in the Mohs Hardness Test. These diamonds are durable and also possess all the qualities that natural diamond lacks.

Are Lab-grown Diamonds Worth It?

Even though the lab-grown diamonds possess all the quality of the natural diamond, it is considered of lesser value. For example, If you want to sell your natural diamond, you will get at least 50% back. But in the lab-grown diamonds, you won’t get anything. Because lab-grown diamonds lack resale value. And also, these diamonds cost less than the natural ones and are considered eco-friendly ones. These diamonds are not very desirable for engagement rings.

Buying Lab-grown Diamonds

If you have a low budget and you want to save money, then you can go to the lab-grown one. But one thing that you always keep in mind is that these diamonds will lose their value as they have no resale value. Some people even consider buying lab-grown diamonds as they are created specially in the laboratory.

How Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Graded?

There is no special technique to grade man-made diamonds. Like natural diamonds, these are also graded in the same way. Like the earth-grown diamonds, they also consider its inclusion, fluorescence, etc for grading. They also mention that it is a lab-grown one in the certificate. So anyone can easily know that. Apart from that, GIA also inscribes the diamond girdle with a laser with the Report number and also claims that it is a lab-grown diamond.

Difference Between Lab-grown Diamond and Cubic Zirconia

This is another common question that everyone asks. They both look identical. But Is there any difference between them?

Even though lab-grown diamonds are created artificially in the laboratory, it is still the real diamond and possesses all the quality of the diamond. But on the other hand, Cubic Zirconia is not a diamond. It is a diamond simulant. When comparing these two diamonds, Cubic Zirconia is cheaper and completely made up of different elements.

Bottom Line

Even though the lab-grown diamond is popular nowadays and possesses all the qualities of a diamond, still, natural diamonds are considered the most precious ones. These diamonds are ideal to buy when your budget is low. But the disadvantage of this diamond is that it doesn’t have any resale value. Sometimes, It is more expensive because it requires more labor and high laboratory equipment. So buying lab-grown diamonds is totally up to you.


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