Dressing Tips For Curvy Women

Dressing Tips For Curvy Women – What To Wear And When

Media tends to promote a specific body type and ignores other body forms. Even if it gives some representation of a plus-size woman, it is on a tiny scale. Leaf through a fashion magazine, or visit a high-end clothing brand’s website, you will realize that all the models have slender bodies and are skinny. Hence, curvy women often feel passed over in the fashion scene. They do not see their representation in the fashion industry and find themselves clueless about taking fashion inspiration. Although a high percentage of ladies sport bulky bodies and want to appear trendy and stylish, they hardly find anyone giving them dressing tips to look chic.

Fashion is a personal choice, and it holds different meanings for different people. Some people prefer comfort over everything, and instead of following ongoing fashion, they create their trends. Whereas others follow their favorite celebrities religiously and adopt whatever they see them sporting. Women with bulky bodies often shy away in donning certain types of outfits as they feel those apparel will make them look unstylish and inelegant. The reality is that dressing as per the occasion and body type accentuates your style and adds to your glamour. Taking care of a few aspects make anyone appear stylish and classy, and that includes curvy women.

Below we are giving an inclusive guide and listing a few dressing tips which will help curvy women turn up posh and stylish:

7 Dressing Tips for Curvy Women

7 Dressing Tips for Curvy Women

1. Wear your Correct Size

Many women do not realize that the worst thing they can do to their dressing is to get an incorrect apparel size. Many women are under the impression that donning a shorter size dress makes them appear a little slimmer. On the contrary, it shows their uncomfortableness and highlights their bulges. Most plus-size women keep changing their weight and body shape, and updating the size chart seems a  constant hurdle. While it might feel like an added work, they need to ensure that they strike a balance between fitted and loose clothing and purchase accordingly. Some brands have recently started showing an inclusive approach and cater to curvy women too. Bulky women can check plus size dresses for Women out in stores or online and get an idea about their measurements. A correct size pantsuit is ideal for office-going plus size women, and long dresses with flair are perfect for dinner dates. The secret is to wear the apparel in an appropriate size.

2. Don’t Forget the Body shaper

The modern world has provided people with new and innovative solutions. Plus-size women of previous years could only think of something like body shaper; today, it is a reality. Irrespective of what you choose to wear, if you have a curvy body, sporting shapewear inside will accentuate your body shape, providing your body a proper form.  Most women have a bulgy tummy, and heavy hips and innerwear smooth the body and refine appearance. Women feel that a body shaper will make them feel suffocated; the truth is it may take a day or two, but your body quickly adapts to it. You no longer feel congested in it. Bulky ladies may want to ditch body shapers at home; at the same time, it must be a must-wear item whenever you want to step out.

3. Remember, Leggings Are Not Pants

A new trend of wearing a pair of leggings as trousers has engulfed women. Many women are seeing donning a tee-shirt over leggings. Leggings are a good fit if you are out for jogging or in a gym, but wearing them on regular days makes women appear clumsy. Leggings reveal every cut of your lower body, and curvy women should only keep them for innerwear. Leggings with skirts or long dresses refine your legs and make the dress appear chic.

4. Put on Appropriate Pair of Shoes

No outfit is complete without an apt pair of shoes. Box heels or platform shoes may not be a good idea for plus-size ladies, but that does not mean that they cannot wear stylish shoes. Pointed footwear and low heels slenderize the body frame and add glamour to the overall look of bulky women. Elongated boots that reach up to your calf can be a good pair with mid-dress in winters. Shoes with a vamp ending on toes make the illusion of length and are a good fit for plus-size women. Going for a walk or exercise, plus-size women can wear loafers. For regular work, they can don a pair of comfortable pairs of pointed sneakers.

5. Accessorize Strategically

Most women love accessorizing and feel that accessories amp up their look. While it is true, the wrong choice of jewelry pieces demeans the dress and harms the overall look. Long chains are better than chokers, elongated earrings are good to pick for round faces, and classy and sleek bracelets accentuate the wrist. Besides, plus size women should think strategically before choosing a bag. It is the most critical aspect of women’s accessories. Instead of having long chain shoulder bags, a tote will be a good idea for everyday use. For night parties or brunches, curvy women can take clutches or long-strapped bucket bags.

6. Invest in Good Tailoring

In clothing, cuts and sewing matter the most and have the power of amplifying the mediocre dress. A well-tailored dress with appropriate amounts highlights some body parts and can make you appear tall and slim. Whereas low hem, incorrect length, and fitting do the opposite. Plus, size women must focus on stitching and fashion and can be creative with their dresses. Full sleeves conceal the bulky arms, but you can be innovative with designs. Similarly, long dresses with boat necks give an illusion of a slim body, but untidy stitching can ruin the whole look. Investing in good tailoring is the key to make an ordinary dress appear stylish and glamorous.

7. Mix and Match

Not all curvy women have the same body shapes. Some may have heavy lower body parts; others have bulky chests. Women must dress up as per their body types. Plus-size ladies can pair up plain trousers with a printed shirt or a pencil skirt with a blouse with small images. Mixing and matching can do wonders, but it needs brilliant selection, and the wrong contrast can have the opposite impact. Wearing an outfit in contrast shades is a good idea and can amp up the entire look.


Fashion does not necessarily have to follow any rules but wearing inappropriate clothes attracts unnecessary attention. Understanding your body type is the first rule of appearing stylish as one thing which seems chic on someone may not look good on other types of body. Dressing while considering your own body makes you appear elegant. Curvy women can also strike as stylish and agile if they take care of certain factors. Wearing the correct size and pairing up the dress with appropriate accessories are the essential elements. Dress is generally the first thing people notice, and regardless of your size, you can stand out in the crowd and hold the most attention.


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