Crafty Bride Made Her Wedding Dress
Crafty Bride Made Her Wedding Dress

How to Get Wedded in just $10,000!!

Planning to wear the wedding bands? But, afraid of the wedding bills? No worries! Continue to read and get wedded lavishly without spending much.

Before proceeding, check out these facts about the wedding expenses, in general, in America that’ll blow away your mind:

Wedding Cost Breakdown

 According to the real wedding survey of 2014, in America, the average wedding (honeymoon excluded) cost is $31,213, which is about 4.5 percent greater from the previous year. And the cost is eventually increasing, every year. That’s more than just expensive; almost prohibitive for some people.

But, what if you get a properly planned wedding in just $10,000?? Explore these simple yet unique tips to get wedded cost-effectively.

1. Crochet Wedding Dress: $30

Wearing a beautiful wedding dress is like a lifelong dream for every girl. The more attractive you look in your wedding dress, the more expensive it is. The average cost of a wedding dress in America is $1211. Shocking, but true!

What if you get a chance to design your wedding dress? Yes, Crochet your wedding dress and save thousands of dollars!

Check out this lovely dress of a crafty bride to get some idea.

And if you are not a crafter, and crocheting is not your taste, you can try on Etsy as they can crochet your dress as per your choice. These may range you from $300 to as high as you want. Still a lot to save!

2. Affordable Shoes and Other Accessories

The high cost of wedding shoes ranges from $300 to $900 and more. And the average cost ranges from $100 to $250. Why to spend this much if you can get the same piece in a much lower price range?

If you really want to save your money, follow a simple tip: Buy shoes that are suitable for all the occassions, and not just the wedding. Opt for unique, elegant but pocket friendly shoes.

Another simple, but interesting thing you can do to save your pocket is to re-design your old shoes into chic, modish and sparkling wedding shoes using rhinestones, pearls or sparkle and even chains. Obviously, the overall cost would depend on the material and accessories you chose for designing, but still it’d be very.. very less than those you buy from the market.

Some other cost cutting can be done by borrowing some small accessories, like veil.

3. Save on Reception Venue

Getting hitched really expects a lot. On an average, the cost involved in booking a venue for wedding, including banquets, hotels, etc. is about $12, 905. Additionally, it takes an average of $1,997 to decorate the venue with flowers, balloons, etc. Spending such a huge amount on the venue is just a waste, when you can have better options that involve less or no expenditure.

For example: Choose a venue that do not need to be decorated extensively. For example, if you chose a place like winery, you need not to add to the beautiful vineyard background.

Another example: Find out for a relative or a friend who owns a scenic property so that you can hold your wedding there. This is an unique and cost-conscious idea! Or what about a destination wedding? Because the guest list will be very confined, a destination wedding may cost less than a traditional event held in your hometown.

4. Music

A wedding without music and dance is lifeless! Isn’t it? But, you still need not to spend huge amount of $3,084 (average cost of band) on organizing music at the wedding. Why to spend so much on Bands when you have so much talent around you? Give chance to the New Comers! Simply ask your friends or relatives if they know about any ‘Band of Boys’ of passionate college freshers or a nice band that can be hired under your budget.

5. Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, I’m in favor with you. The average expenditure involved in the wedding jewelry is about $5,500. I believe jewelry should not be compromised at all at this affair as this adds sparkle to your look. Although, it isn’t bad if you get a good option at a lower price than usual. It’ll be like a win-win situation for you.

You can save your money on your wedding jewelry by buying it when there is a sale going on. Opt for the shops who allow you to sell the diamonds or jewelry to them at very good prices. Choose the perfect, but in budget engagement ring and other jewelry.

6. Invitation Cards

Last but not the least. Obviously, wedding means gathering guests and guests need to be invited, formally. In America, people spend about $344 on wedding invitation cards. God, this is too much!

Try to save money in all what you do. To invite your guests, honor them with hand-made cards. Look out for some crazy-crafters who charge you less but can give you very well designed wedding cards if you can’t make them on your own. Also, for some guests, you can use the TECHNOLOGY like text or emails to cordially invite them to bless the couple.

Wedding is a beautiful ceremony – a memorable event, not only for the couples, but their families and the closed ones. It isn’t necessary to celebrate it by spending buckets of money. Planning it under budget symbolizes simplicity … and simplicity has its own sweetness!


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