Destination Wedding on an Affordable Budget

How to Plan a Destination Wedding on an Affordable Budget?

Every couple has a different idea in mind when it comes to planning their wedding. While some people want their weddings to be conventional and choose locations which may be in the bride/groom’s hometown, others look for something exciting and elaborate such as a destination wedding!

Destination weddings have become more popular with time and why should they not? Being away from home helps to make the experience memorable, especially when it involves getting married!

Additionally, the urge to travel and see new places has become more prevalent these days, and what better day to experience a new place than on your big day!

While the idea of a destination wedding can be extremely appealing, there is a lot that holds people back from actually planning one. The main problem is usually the constrained budget but other aspects such as the logistics, the time and energy involved in making a destination wedding happen could be all too much!

However, for someone determined to have a destination wedding, you should know that with the right planning, you can actually pull off your dream wedding in the destination of your choice! Here are some tips that can help you along the way.

5 Destination Wedding Ideas on a Budget

1. Make lists

You can follow this tip whenever you are planning something and when it comes to organizing your destination wedding, you must have all the relevant information in one place.

To begin with, you must decide on the most important thing—the budget. Once you have decided a certain amount you plan on spending on your wedding, you can then move on to making a list of all the things that your budget should cover. Ideally, this list should contain even the minutest of details to ensure that there is no additional spending!

Secondly, prepare a list of affordable wedding venues. The demand associated with affordable yet exceptional wedding venues is extremely high! This is why there are numerous options to choose from, so keep your preferences in mind. You can make a list of possible venues, later deciding on one which one suits you the most.

The guest list is equally as important and must not be left out either! Prepare your guest list after everything else because it will take up a significant portion of energy and time to compile!

2. Research Thoroughly

Typically, finding venues in the city where you live or where you grew up isn’t as tricky as finding a place in another country or city, especially when you are trying to stick to your budget.

However, through the correct method, you can quickly figure out which locations offer affordable wedding venues! When looking for a venue, several factors must be kept in mind such as your personal style. Searching for sites that are known to be cheap is well and good, but you don’t want to end up getting married at a location you don’t love…so make sure you like the place!

If you are considering another country, you must keep the exchange rate in mind as that will play a significant role in how affordable your wedding is. Having a destination wedding in Cuba, Mexico or the Caribbean Islands is a pretty good option. These destinations have resorts that specifically cater to similar demands. And fortunately, these resorts are known for their beauty—thus making it a win-win situation for you!

Furthermore, several resorts all over the world offer wedding packages. For some couples, a wedding package can be the answer to all their prayers. Just thinking about the never-ending things to do to plan a wedding is strenuous. This becomes more challenging when it comes to planning a destination wedding as you must contact and keep in touch with those who will be offering their services at the wedding. All of this can be extremely difficult given the geographical distance!

A wedding package can aid enormously in this process. Once you reach out to a hotel or resort to book your wedding, you can also look into their packages which will include handling the other aspects of the event such as decor and catering. To find something which suits your needs, contact Harbor View Loft.

This way, you can have the wedding of your dreams without having to go crazy during the process.

3. Limit the Number of Guests

If you are already on a budget, you should think about what is critical—inviting people you don’t really care to your wedding or getting married at a destination of your choice.

Decide who you think you need at your wedding and your guest list will shrink considerably. While cutting everyone out isn’t always possible either, especially when they are family, if you do some hard thinking, your guest list will shorten significantly!

By doing this, you will cut down on the expenses significantly from the airfare and accommodation to the food. With a shorter guest list, you can even rent out a home instead of buying hotel rooms for your guests, which also saves a considerable amount of money.

4. Learn to Prioritize

When planning a wedding, every couple has a preconceived idea of how they want things to work out. However, you should understand that this doesn’t always happen and you will have to compromise along the way. This could be in several aspects of the event.

The date is one of these aspects. Ideally speaking, a destination wedding should be held over the weekend as people are traveling. But if you shift your wedding to a weekday, the prices will also go down.

Another thing is the season you are planning your wedding in. If it’s the wedding season, everything will cost more, but if you can somehow move your date to another season (which isn’t as popular) you might be able to save considerably.

Being set on one idea is only going to restrict you and will lead to excessive spending. On the contrary, by keeping your mind open to different ideas, you can find ways which save your money.

5. Remain Motivated

There is no denying that organizing a destination wedding can be overwhelming, even for the most patient of souls.

There are just so many things which must be taken care of, along with a constant string of advice directed at the couple. Combined, all these things can be both frustrating and confusing at times!

During this process, it is essential to reach out to the ones you know will be there for you and ask for their help. Having even a few extra hands can go a long way and at a time when you are trying to save money, some innovative methods to do so can come in handy.

Throughout the process, remember why you are putting yourself through all the adventures of making your dream wedding happen. When you are standing at the altar on your special day, you will know that it was all worth it!


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