Private Boat Party in Melbourne

How to Plan an Incredible Private Boat Party in Melbourne?

Melbourne is one of Australia’s most exciting and beautiful destinations for a luxury cruise. The location on the waterfront, exciting nightlife venues, and pleasant climate make it one of Australia’s favorite attractions.

Whatever the occasion, a private boat cruise is a delightful way to celebrate in style. Experience panoramic views of Melbourne on a leisurely cruise while celebrating a birthday, a pre-wedding bash, or a fun evening out with friends.

Here are some suggestions for planning a private boat party in Melbourne.

1. Number Of People In Your Party

Before you plan a luxury boat hire, you have to determine the number of guests that will be on the party cruise. You want the experience to be memorable for everyone, so choosing the best charter service is a primary consideration. Once the party is booked, the charter service might not be able to make any changes right before departure. One way to make sure you have an accurate headcount and no one backs out at the last minute is to have everyone pay a portion of the fee to reserve the charter.

2. Finding A Charter Boat Service

Some charter boat services specialize in event cruises for holidays, special occasions, and corporate events. Find out about charter options, what their hours of operation are, whether they have restrictions about alcohol and any other considerations on your list. After exploring the various services, you may find that a cruise package is the best option.

3. Choosing Between Private & Public Charter Boats

If the cost of your party cruise is a consideration, think about whether you want to keep the party private or if it’s acceptable for your group to enjoy your special occasion on a public charter. If you’re going to stay within a set budget, the public charter may be the option you have to choose.

However, if you’re celebrating a milestone birthday, anniversary, or life event, a private charter will make the cruise even more special. The best way to choose is to search several charter companies for their options and prices.

4. Refreshments To Serve Your Party

Delicious food and drinks are part of any party, and a private boat cruise is no exception. Most charter boat services in Melbourne allow guests to bring food and beverages aboard, but you should always check in advance. There are a lot of private charter services in the city, and some of them are limited as to the number of guests they can accommodate. Check through listings to find the best option for your preferences.

Determine the number of guests in your party and choose a theme, which will help in planning the menu. A lot of Melbourne party boat charter services allow guests to customize their cruise and bring their refreshments or use the charter’s catering service. Some companies will even decorate their party boat to coordinate with the theme. If you choose to have your private boat cruise catered by the charter service, you’ll find that most of them have a variety of food and beverage packages from which to choose.

Your party boat charter is a fantastic way to experience the sights and sounds of Melbourne. Whether it’s a relaxing, daytime cruise to view the city’s iconic landmarks or an exciting evening adventure to party with friends, Melbourne luxury cruises on the Yarra River are an experience every visitor should have.


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