Custom Made Suits

How to Simplify the Process of Getting Custom-Made Suits?

It is popular knowledge that the common man does not particularly enjoy the process of getting a suit. However, he takes great pleasure in owning and wearing the perfect suit.

The perfect suit is rarely the one you get to buy straight off the rack. It is an ensemble that’s specifically made for you.

If in your lifetime, you had only been getting ready-to-wear suits, it can be quite daunting to get your first custom-made suit. In Columbus, Ohio, expert tailors say that a lot of men often come into the shop quite intimidated and clueless. If you are such a customer, don’t you worry because provided below is a roundup of what you need to do to simplify the process of having a custom suit made.

1. Come in with a sample of the style of suit that you like.

You can go online and print pictures of suits that you like. You can show them to the tailor and he can help you determine the style that is most flattering or suitable for you. This way, you won’t have to go through the trouble of articulating what you want. The tailor can simply take inspiration from your choices.

2. Inform the tailor about the occasion for which the suit will be used.

Tailors know the latest trends and can present them to you if you simply cannot find a style of suit that you like online. That’s not all. It is not just the style that they can help you with. You can expect them to take into consideration the different activities that you may participate in at the event that you are going to wearing the suit.

For example, if you will be dancing at a wedding. There are different ways to ensure your comfort while wearing the suit. For one, the tailor can devise a three-piece suit. You get a waistcoat or vest that looks great without the coat.

Or, if you will be going to an outdoor event, the tailor can help you choose the material that will be perfect for the weather. For the summer, cotton and liner are the best options. For winter, corduroy and wool are the best go-tos to stay warm.

3. Get real with your body

Here’s the thing, true measurements make the perfect suit. Do not bother sucking in your stomach anymore, or even trying to lose weight. Just be yourself because a suit made with your true measurements will not fail in looking right and feeling right.

Tailors know how to create a slim fit for any type of body. This is the very reason why the best suit is always the custom-made one.

4. Think about functional versatility.

A bespoke suit is not cheap, so make it a completely cost-effective style investment. Think about the other pieces of clothing (such as your all-time favorite Afro retro shirt) you have in your closet, and picture how the new suit can work with some of your fashion staples.

5. The best colors for a custom-made suit are navy and charcoal grey

These colors are the “neutrals” for suits. They can easily go from formal to casual because they are that basic in the fashion color wheel. Navy suits, in particular, can be used for all occasions — Sunday church service, weddings, meetings and dinner dates.

6. Inquire about the material inside the suit

This is not about the lining. It is the foundation of the piece that holds everything together. The best “interior” material is always 100 percent wool.

7. Choose the lining carefully

The lining, of course, is a game-changer. Choose a material that feels and looks luxurious when it does a peek-a-boo.

8. Wear the shoes you intend to wear with the suit

Bringing and wearing the shoes that will go with the suit to the tailor will definitely help. This will ensure the perfect hem length whether you prefer a no break, half break, or full break length.

9. Know the accessories you want

A pocket square or a chain can add loads of personality to your entire outfit. So, if you want your outfit to set you apart on an important day, pick your suit accessories well.

10. Pants that do not need belts are the best

It is so much better to do without a belt when you are wearing a suit. Belts can alter the silhouette of a suit and not always in a handsome way. Opt for dress pants with hinges and attachments on the sides that allow the waistband to get tightened without noticeable bunching, or to expand for extra breathing room.

With this collection of information, you can head to the tailor confident and completely ready to have your perfect made-to-measure suit made.


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