What Fashion Colours are Trend in 2019

What Fashion Colours are Trend in 2019?

We’ve said goodbye to 2018, and like most years, many fashions are overlapping into the next year, with the wild look expected to stay with us for at least one more year. The Pantone Institute is tasked with predicting the fashion colours and they rarely get it wrong, so what are the in-colours for 2019? Read on to find out!

5 Fashion Colours are Trend in 2019

1. Living Coral

Fashion Colours are Trend in 2019

This vibrant shade of orange is likely to be seen on the spring catwalks and will be prominent throughout the summer and autumn, with coral sweaters and cashmere cardigans making lots of noise. If you want to get ahead of the crowd, go and shop at Peaches Boutique, where you can view some of the latest designer names and hopefully, come away with a stunning coral prom dress to really wow your friends!

2. Turmeric

Turmeric yellow dress

Staying with the lighter tones, turmeric is a semi-neon orange that bursts into life, making it a must-wear on the beaches this summer. A great shade to offset that deep tan, turmeric can be worn as a single colour, with light greens and blues to accessorise. Perfect for a jumpsuit or maxi dress, expect turmeric to be one of the base colours that all the major fashion houses will adopt.

3. Lemon Verbana

Lemon Verbana

Light and sunny, lemon verbana is a great shade for the spring months, and stays within the bright and breezy mixtures that seem to be found in all the right places. Expect to see this shade matched with hues of darker brown and even beige, with catwalk specialists who like to really work those contrasts. Check out the online boutiques now and you could come away with some real bargains, especially as shades of lemon were introduced last year and are still popular as we move out of the winter season.

4. Pressed Rose

Pressed Rose

A softer, blush pink, pressed rose will be the main knitwear colour this summer and autumn, so you can go ahead and order that pink cashmere sweater, as it will definitely be seen in abundance. Smart tailored suits will utilise this subtle shade of pink, along with wraps and even shawls, which you will see as the summer draws to a close.

5. Princess Blue

Princess Blue color dress

A deep and uncompromising shade, princess blue will be the prime summer base colour, which also works for the spring collection. Check out some inspiring images of blue attire online, which are all fit for a princess, and might give you some ideas for this season’s party wear.

All of the above colours are following the bright and breezy 2018 shades, and with a noticeable absence of greens, the in-colours remain pleasing to the eye and can easily be matched with a splash of darker tones.

If you want to get ahead of the fashion crowd, trawl the online chic boutiques and snap up the best outfits while you still have a chance, and remember, the focus is on light and bright shades that will pair off well with the classic darker colours.

All of the above can be worn with confidence as we turn the springtime corner, and as you have an insight into the vogue shades this year, there’s no excuse for getting your colours wrong.


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