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How to Style One Dress in Different Ways?

Do you feel lost while thinking about the most perfect dress that you can wear to an event, you have recently been invited to? Are you always stuck in the dilemma of which dress to repeat or decide to break your budget goals just to buy a new one for the upcoming party? You are not the only one who faces trouble in deciding what to wear. We all sail in the same boat. No matter how many dresses and shoes you have, you still feel the need of having something different every time you plan to go out.

It never feels enough, even if you have closets that are filled with clothes. While you have a huge wardrobe, you still feel that you are not getting the most out of all the clothes hanging in your closet. The excitement and infatuation, with which you bought your favorite dress, diminishes soon enough after the purchase. We hardly pull off that dress out off the hanger as much as we thought we would, before buying. In this era, we all are facing financial difficulties and we need to cut back on a few things from our budget, to make both ends meet.

Whether you are looking to make the most of your existing outfit or trying to manage your investments into something that could be creatively used over time and again.

Below are some styling tips, to learn how to wear a particular dress in different ways to stretch your existing wardrobe and make the most use out of the out dress.

1. Wear Scarves or Shawls

If you are creative enough to get your dress speaking out loud the language of a different style every time you wear the same dress, scarves can never disappoint you. Carry a scarf for a shawl to flaunt the same dress, every time having a different feel. Do note that there are various ways of carrying a single scarf, to compliment your favorite dress giving it a completely new look.

Pashminas are for your autumn/winter dresses, whereas silk scarves are usually for your summer wraps. This trick is not usually used by many people, but it gives the same dress completely a different vibe. You can also add a trendy hat or amazing hair accessories, to add flair and pizazz in your creative styling. Dress up with a scarf this season, to revamp your branded dress that you bought and fell in love instantly.

2. Use Belts and Bow Ties

Bring out the best dress from the closet which you have worn only once and then forgot about it. Style it up with different textured belts and other tie-up accessories like chains for the waist are a profound way to give panache to your attire. Rock the evening by wearing the same party dress with an elegant belt tied up on the waist giving the perfect silhouette to your figure. This additional feature has also been seen on models walking through the fashion ramps.

We have seen women wearing accessories on the waist in many different countries and various cultures. Many far eastern women wear garlands and waist belts made of their traditional flowers and leaves to complement their vibrant dresses. Belts and bow tie-up uplifts any wrap-around dresses as well instantaneously and adds elegance with style to any of your normal wraparounds. At drama and creativity to any solid colored dress for wrap around by putting a shimmery or diamantes belt, for your perfect party dress styling. Glitter and shimmer are the new, trendy and essential attributes for many of the styling accessories.

3. Work With Colors

To style the same dress in many different ways and utilize it as many times as you like, it is important to buy the dress in some neutral color. Neutral colors make it easy to be utilized in coordination with other clothing and could be combined with other accessories to give it a new look. Always go for black, blue, white or the basic red. These are the colors that can never fail to be a hit and provides a greater level of creativity to play with. Random accessories and add-ons available in the market compliments easily with such colors.

Black is personally my favorite and any type of accessories, scarves or shawls, statement necklaces, all fall easily within the style and enhancement of the dress that you ought to wear. Electric blue is the new popular color, for every season. You can play around with the color in many ways, for example, add a different accessory to the outfit each time you decide to wear the dress and give it a completely new look. Black and blues are always a hit in all types of fashion trends and an easy match to other clothing wear. You can add floral or contrasting color trousers, jumpsuit, and scarves or statement necklaces.

4. Add Layers

Probably this is the easiest and best way to utilize all your clothing lines in your closet. During winters you can add up layers on top of your one neutral dress or remix your dress by wearing pants or tights underneath it. It is easy to add layers of cardigan or jacket during winters along with a combination of a muffler in contrasting colors. Wearing a jacket to your outfit could add glamour and variance in your attire.

In summers you can use shrugs to add vibrancy and color in your style. There are various types of shrugs available, florals or checks shrugs looks awesome with any solid colored dress that you may have in your closet. To add layers, you could also add mesh tops or jackets with neon-colored dresses and pair them up with bulky necklaces. This year it is all about looking chic with cool colored dresses.

5. Top Up With Jewelry and Bag

To innovate and amplify your dress, you can top it up with a variety of elegant jewelry and tote bags. It gives a new touch to your attire every time you carry a different type of bag and jewelry with one of your neutral-colored dresses. Remember toping it up with anything new would affect the overall look to your dressing.


Creativity has no limitation and people who create new trends possess a great deal of boldness in their personality. Do not fear to come up with unique combinations and aspire to be a trendsetter, not a trend follower. To style a particular dress you can have innumerable ways to make it look new. Furthermore, you can visit the realization par dress to get a general guide on how to style a particular dress in several ways. You can wear the same dress multiple times with different accessories and still look stylish.


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