Freshen Up Your Bedroom
Freshen Up Your Bedroom

How To Use Pops Of Colour To Freshen Up Your Bedroom

Colour in the bedroom can instantly change the whole vibe of the space and add some much-needed life and energy. While your thoughts may go to painting the walls, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate colour that you can easily switch out as your tastes change.
Whether you want to use warm colours to create a cosy winter vibe, or brighten your bedroom for spring, using pops of colour to liven up your bedroom can help you add some much-needed vibrancy.

Here are some tips to help you find some inspiration for adding colour to your bedroom. From small changes to bigger transformations, these tips can work with any colour palette!

Enhance Your Space With Accent Pieces

Accent pieces are specific items in a room that stand out from the rest. It could be as small as some decorations or cushions to as big as rugs and window coverings. They’re a great way to add a nice pop of colour to your bedroom, without changing too much else in the room.

For example, if you like the way your room looks, but you need just a little something to break up the space, a few accent pillows or a throw blanket may be just what you need. It also works if there is a specific space in your room feeling a little disconnected from the rest of the room, adding a piece of art to a large blank wall or a rug to fill in large spaces on the floor can work wonders.

To really make accent pieces work and add a pop of colour to your bedroom, try to stick with the colour theme you’ve created. If your room is already full of cool tones, a warm toned accent piece may be what you need. But if you already have a nice blue and white theme going on, a pop of yellow may break up the space and make it look less ‘intentional’.

Refresh Your Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings are typically a bigger focus in a bedroom than other spaces in the home. People’s eyes will naturally gravitate towards the bed or towards the window, making your bedding and window furnishings a focal point of the room.

To make a big impact with a pop of colour, try switching out your soft furnishings to really make them the feature of the room. There are so many styles you can try for your bed. A monochromatic scheme can make an impact, using different shades of the same colour family. If you’re after a more subtle look, you can use your sheets to tie in other pops of colour in the room with a more muted quilt cover, or vice versa.

For those who want another area of the room to be a focal point, this is where you can add a pop of colour with curtains, rugs and other soft furnishings. A nice rug under an accent chair can help draw the eye, while different textures of layered window furnishings can help add a touch of luxury to your space.

Infuse Colour With Your Furniture

Your furniture is often what takes up the most space in your bedroom, so it makes sense for your bed or other furniture to be a focal point in the space. A statement bed is a great way to add a pop of colour to your bedroom and even some different textures.

When thinking about your bed, consider what size, colour and material will work best in your space. Wooden beds are great for adding warmth to your bedroom. They come in a range of stains and colours to suit your design palette. Fabric headboards  are another great option, coming in a range of fabrics and styles. Plus, they can help add a touch of lounging comfort, perfect for propping up against.

If you’re looking to add some colour or texture to another part of your room, bedside tables, dressing tables and other furnishings can help you fill in space, include more storage and add a pop of colour to your bedroom. Your furniture can either blend into the rest of the room or be a focal point, which is where picking the colour and material is very important.

Use Light To Play With Colour

Lights are a fun way to add colour and warmth to a bedroom. Of course, you have the light bulb itself, even venturing into LED lights or smartphone-controlled colour lights to switch up the colour of your room whenever you like.

However, if you’re looking for a pop of colour whether you have your lights on or off, a decorative lamp or lamp shade may be what you’re after. You can get statue lamps of nearly anything you can imagine, adding both art and light to a room. However, for a more traditional lamp, selecting a nice shade can help add a pop of colour and be a focal point of your space.

Decorative string lights are also a fun way to play with light in both adult and children’s bedrooms. There are string lights that look like fruits, unicorns, cars and other objects, while simple string lights can look beautiful strung above a bed or desk.

Style With Accessories

The finishing touches on a bedroom can make all the difference. A cushion here, a stack of books there; you can add as little or as much colour as you like.

Even small touches, like brass or statement curtain hooks, or even a mirror to make a space feel bigger, can really be what you need for your room to feel complete. When looking at your space and deciding on finishing touches, look for any areas that don’t feel connected with the rest of the room. Does everything flow? Are the hints and nods to a colour palette or theme? This is where you can use the finishing touches to tie everything together.

A Pop Of Colour Doesn’t Have To Mean Bold Or Bright

A pop of colour simply means a colour that stands out from the others. If you have a dark theme in your room, like black, burgundy, navy or emerald, you could use gold, silver or bronze as your pops of vibrancy. In a light, bright and mainly white or neutral toned room, you may add a little pop of a dark colour to draw the eye and add some depth to the space.

Your perfect bedroom is what feels good to you.


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