Making of Wedding Cake

Let Your Brandy Wedding Desires Soak the Cake in Person

Brandy soaking is the ultimate intoxication of a rich 3-tier wedding cake. However, it is best only when you make the cake with ingredients freezing easily (example, chocolate; dark chocolate). You can prepare the 3 tiers cake two months in advance; keep it in a freezer, moistened with brandy, quite often. Just imagine the rich chocolate soaked in brandy for two months! Talk about a passionate wedding! If you are adding fruity fruit toppings on top, wait until the Big Day is day after tomorrow. Fruits won’t stay fresh for two months! Come on!

Making of Wedding Cake

On how to make your own wedding cake

There are literally hundreds of amazing cake recipes out there. It all depends on you! You can choose any of the recipes or mix and match them to create your very own 3 tier personal cake. Since the choice is virtually endless, this post does not fantasize any particular recipe. Here, you get to soak in the thrill of making your own wedding cake in full flavor!

Just a pro tip: any cake you make, wear an apron. It is going to be messy if you are new. Experienced bakers also wear aprons! It gets messy with them too! In addition, you may need some practice. Check out the time mentioned in the recipe you choose. Some great three-tier cake recipes include the lacey bluish Amaretto Cream cake, the Blackberry cake with cream blossoms, and the Almond Cream Peach cake. Look out for great YouTube videos and tutorials. Also, there are aplenty picture tutorials on baking your own cake!

Why you should make your own wedding cake

Why? It is YOUR wedding, for Christ’s sake! It is the most intimate and special commitment you agree to enter. Every girl knows how difficult it is to find a man who loves her truly! Girls also know how difficult it is to give her to one true man in body and mind! Wedding is a communion of souls! It is intimate and most private. If you are a perfectionist and an idealist, you always choose the Do-It-Yourself route.

Besides, there is the delight! The amazement of creating a sensuous cake immerses you (quite literally) in the sexy world of cream, vanilla, strawberry, dark chocolate, and sweetness. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to make a wedding cake. Anyone can do it with a little bit of practice. However, if you are a rocket scientist by profession, and your wedding is close, go ahead and bake your own cake.

Just wake and bake and stay busy in secretly licking your fingertips when no one is watching. Smile to yourself and laugh a lot with the bridesmaids sharing the mushy stories of wedding nights! It can also be an amazing bonding time with sisters, mothers, daughter, and grandmothers. They may have the experience. Making your own wedding cake is going to be an amazing time for sure!

It is exciting beyond anything to get into the wedding mood. Chat up with your fiancé/fiancée on how the cake is progressing. You can also choose to keep a whole thing a surprise for him/her. You will love the frequent trips to the bakery store. They sort of have an arsenal of lovely things to make cakes. You can get the icing blades; molding sticks, crimping tools, and molds to make an amazing range of decorations. Heck, you can even get tiny skull molds if that is what you want on your wedding cake! A black chocolate cake with creamy skulls does sound the perfect idea for a gothic wedding.

Finally, there is the economy. Women are homemakers and the mistresses of spending. Girls know the nice ways to save and spend! Making your own cake can save you quite a handy amount. Okay, it may not also; but that does not matter! What a matter is you make the cake with your own hands. Your love and desires enrich the cake.


Obviously, you will try the best to create the most amazing three-tier cake. However, unless you have good baking experience, it may not be as you expect. For example, the tiers may tilt slightly, or the shape may be a little asymmetrical in the tiers. Do not fret on the setbacks and give your best try.


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