Indonesia The Orchid Garden Mall

8 Awe-Inspiring Shopping Places in Indonesia to Visit

Indonesia is a country in the Asia. It population is multicultural but dominated by the people of Indonesian origin. This is a great country for shoppers. The places highlighted below are some of the best and a paradise for shoppers here:

1. The Blok M

The Blok M Indonesia Shopping

  • This is the top centre for business and shopping in Indonesia today.
  • The place burst with life especially during the nights with shoppers from different parts of the world.
  • One will get to shop a variety of products that have a wide range to choose from and at affordable prices too.
  • Transport is efficient to and fro the place through both public and personal ways.

2. The Orchid Garden Mall
Indonesia The Orchid Garden Mall

  • It is the largest shopping mall in Indonesia opened in 1996 with over five hundred specialized departmental stores.
  • The shopping mall is situated in Grogol Petamburan district in central Indonesia.
  • You will enjoy your shopping here in what is termed as paradise for shoppers by Indonesians.

3. The ITC Roxy Mass
The ITC Roxy Mass

  • This is a shopping complex famous for the affordable cell phones located in a place called Cideng in Indonesia.
  • Shoppers can get cell phones at a much significantly reduced prices compared to the retailing prices.
  • You will get to shop for other commodities in the same place and get other services like insurance at the same place too.

4. The Indonesia Plaza
Plaza Indonesia - Jakarta (Indonesia)

  • The Indonesia plaza is the p high end shopping place in Indonesia.
  • In the place you will find state of art shops, cafes and casinos that offer the best services among the Indonesians.
  • You will also enjoy shopping in a place where commodities are highly discounted.

5. The Pondok Indah Mall
The Pondok Indah Mall

  • The shopping mall is located in a suburb called Pondok Indah in Indonesia.
  • The shopping complex is amalgamation of two big shopping malls linked by a pedestrian walkway.
  • The shops are specialized to offer specific services at this place, giving shoppers an easy time and flexibility of shopping.
  • In there are the cinemas and an open air water theme park for the leisure seekers.

6. Ratu Plaza
Indonesia Ratu Plaza

  • This is one of the best shopping malls located in a place called Tanah Abang in Indonesia.
  • It is one of the e-malls catering for the IT needs from the people in the southern part of Jakarta.
  • The area is attractive to both the Indonesians and the external emigrants who flock here annually.

7. The Senayan City
The Senayan City Indonesia

  • It is one of the famous shopping malls in the Asian country.
  • It is big and spread up to the seven floors. In it is the famous five star hotels called Sofitel in Indonesia.
  • In the year 2006, it was upgraded to being a departmental store.
  • It has the best electronics stores in the country.

8. Pasar Baru Trade Centre
Pasar Baru Trade Centre Indonesia

  • It is a unique shopping destination in Indonesia as one is allowed to bargain for the commodities they are buying.
  • It was built in the year 1884.
  • The shopping style here is of ancient times. Shoppers get a feel of China towns while here.


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