Face Off with Plastic Surgery

Liquid Facelifts Face Off with Plastic Surgery

Face Off with Plastic SurgeryDream of the results of a facelift, but not at all interested in spending thousands and going under the knife? Would you love to have a lift, tuck or plumping here and there but don’t fancy the risk or recovery time of facelift surgery? Many celebrities feel the same. Enter the “Liquid Facelift,” and no, it’s not a secret potion you drink to become ten years younger, but it can temporarily restore your facial features to a more youthful appearance and is way less invasive than surgery.
Although most celebrities don’t exactly announce when they have had work done, there are several that do.

Consider former Real Housewives of New Yorker, Jill Zarin, who revealed to People Magazine recently that she had Restylane work done, in lieu of facelift surgery. Restylane (according to webmd.com) is a man-made filler used for creases, lines and lip filler to name a few, as opposed to using one’s own old fat cells to “plump” or fill-in lines in the face and use as lip filler.

Before her makeover, Zarin told People Magazine that she had been using Botox (defined by wikipedia.org as “Botulinum toxin,” a protein and neurotoxin widely used in various cosmetic and medical procedures and known specifically for temporarily reducing the look of frown lines and other types of facial wrinkling caused primarily by the aging process) for 10 years, and now sees an NYC dermatologist every 6 months for Restylane NYC treatments. She has been printed as saying it makes her look ten years younger and isn’t that the successful result most women crave?

It’s no secret (per sources such as 2003’s People Magazine ala “Shine” on yahoo.com) that celebrity Sharon Osbourne admits to getting “liquid facelift” procedures such as Botox to alleviate forehead frown lines, and was pleased with the results. Since it’s been over a decade since the FDA officially approved Botox, other cosmetic treatments and popular filler treatments have come on the scene.

Juvederm is an injectable gel (according to www.juvederm.com), and it an amazing product used in lip fillers NYC treatments to add to the “menu” for a liquid facelift. A liquid facelift refers to one or more of the following “injectables” used to create the look of a facelift, without the cutting: Juvederm NYC, Restylane NYC, Botox NYC, lip fillers NYC and many others are the safest and fastest way to get beautiful skin.

While both facelifts and liquid facelifts require before and after care, it seems more and more young to middle-aged celebs are opting for the liquid variety both for the convenience of not having to go under the knife, shorter recovery time, as well as subtle results that don’t scream “plastic surgery!” when they walk into a room or get a photo taken.

As online outlets, such as famousplastic.com and gossiprocks.com, various talk shows, and the photos themselves, infer; actresses like Minka Kelly, celebrities and music icons such as Jennifer Anniston (who has tried Botox, according to ontheredcarpet.com) and Madonna are partaking in these age defying facial techniques. Whether you decide it is for you or not, let’s face it, they look fabulous!


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