Stag Do Gift Ideas

Stag Do Gift Ideas for Your Best Mate

Stag Do Gift IdeasWhile the stag party for a groom normally occupies the majority of thoughts for most best mates prior to a wedding, some consideration should also be given to possible gifts for the engaged friend. Before a gift is purchased it is important to decide if it is going to be a practical present, a gag or some combination of the two. Fortunately, there are many options available for either.

Gag gifts

For many men, the natural inclination to buy a funny and completely impractical gift can be too hard to resist. Those can be fine, depending on the situation, but it is not recommended to spend much money since it will likely be tossed in the garbage shortly after the vows have been sworn. Usually, these types of gifts are best given prior to the stag party starting.

  • The best stag gag gifts will utilize some creativity based on the interests of the groom. Think about what the groom likes and then seek out a gift based on that. These are also more likely to be kept afterward as they will have some sentimental value.
  • There are a variety of T-shirts with funny, wedding-related sayings on them that could be given for the groom to wear during the party.

Practical gifts

Though gag gifts can be relatively inexpensive, many grooms, and certainly the bride-to-be, will appreciate a heartfelt give they can actually use.

  • Personal gift baskets designed by the person giving the present show those receiving that there was some real thought that went into it. For the groom, think about what he really enjoys and make a gift basket out of it. Craft beers, wines, liquor and cigars are all options for many men.
  • Monogrammed items with the date of the special event can be a nice touch. Beer steins, flasks and pocket knives can all commemorate the event for years to come. Again, think about what the groom likes to do in his spare time. If he likes to golf, a mini club or bag with his name on it might be the ticket.
  • Purchase tickets for the groom and a few close friends to attend their favorite sporting event or concert. This will create memories for more than just the groom.
  • If the bachelor is a fan of poker, set up a special guys-only game night fashioned after the World Series of Poker contest. Go all out by setting up a Vegas-style poker table and purchase deluxe chips. Present the groom with these items after the game is over, but it might be a good idea to check with the future wife first.
  • Almost every guy loves electronic gadgets as a gift. A Swiss Army knife with flashlight, an alcohol detector on a key chain or an advanced-model sports watch are all viable options.
  • The gift doesn’t just have to be about the groom. Arrange for a romantic night out for the couple at their favourite restaurant. Spring for some of the extra amenities they might not be able to afford now. Another option is a how-to-be-romantic kit for the wedding night.

By keeping the groom’s interests and feelings in mind, any gift, even one intended as a gag, will feel special. Being one of the groom’s best mates should provide enough insight to pick the perfect present.


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