Tips to Wear A Watch With Style
Tips to Wear A Watch With Style

Match Your Watch: 5 Tips to Wear A Watch With Style

Did you know that a watch can make or break your overall attire? Yes! Wearing a watch that doesn’t go with your outfit can turn a sophisticated, elegant look into a tacky, preppy get up. These mistakes are common for both men and women. Understandably, not everyone owns over one watch, unless you are a collector or an enthusiast. That’s why some give little regard to the watch that they wear.

But try to imagine this: You are wearing a fantastic, classy suit and a nice pair of GUCCI leather shoes. You are carrying an elegant and macho briefcase, and then suddenly you check the time and your rubber-strap bright yellow sports watch sneaks out of your sleeves. Does it look good? Wouldn’t it be nice if your business-like facade is paired with a really nice Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 watch? Its stunning, shiny black leather strap and bold design would fit more perfectly with your formal look, right?

1. Match the formality of your outfit

Wear an analog or a digital watch to match it with your formal or casual attire. If you are going to a black-tie event wearing a tuxedo, an analog watch is more recommended. Analog watches are more suitable for when you are wearing formal outfits such as a business meeting or a date.

Digital watches are more casual. It’s best if you are wearing a dress-down outfit such as jeans, t-shirts, or shorts. If you are going to a Sunday barbecue or a walk in the park, digital watches are clearly the better choice.

However, it’s quite tricky with sports watches. These types of watches have both analog and digital types. So, can you also wear them on formal occasions? The answer is: it depends on the style. If your sports watch is analog and has a leather or metal strap, you can wear it in a little less formal event such as a business meeting, but not at a night gala. However, if your sports watch is a bulky, digital watch, it’s best to wear it only during outdoor activities.

2. Wear complementary colors

While you are taking the time to match the shades of your leather shoes and your leather belt, also consider the shade of your watch. For example, if you are wearing black shoes and a black belt, pick a watch band in complementary colors such as grey or even black. Avoid mixing and matching colors. Remember, your watch is part of your entire outfit, so wearing something of an offbeat color can ruin your overall attire.

The same goes for your casual attire. If you are wearing shorts or other sporty attire, avoid wearing leather watches. You can choose a watch with a plastic strap or a rough leather strap. Meanwhile, if you have gold or silver metallic straps, it’s best to pair it with either formal or casual attire. You just have to make sure that the color will also complement it. Wearing a shiny gold watch will not go with a mountaineering or beach outfit. A more subtle silver watch is more favorable.

3. Match your watch with other accessories or jewelry

If you are someone who wears other accessories or jewelry such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets, it’s recommended to wear the same metallic shade of these items. For instance, gold accessories will work best with a gold watch or anything of the same shade — and the same goes with silver. Aside from jewelry, also consider the metal accents of your clothing such as chain designs or belt buckles. Although these may not be visible all the time, coordination still counts.

4. Pair your watch with your shoes

Just like how your shoes should complement your bags, matching your watch with the same shade as your shoes are the safest way to style. It’s as simple as pairing them with the same colors. If you are wearing black leather shoes, then wear a watch with a black leather strap. If your shoes are more casual, such as sneakers or rubber shoes, wearing an edgy digital watch is the best choice.

5. There are no rules for wearing heirloom watches

It may be a bit biased, but heirloom watches do not follow certain rules. Since some people consider an heirloom watch as a good luck charm or they appreciate its sentimental value, they can wear it with any type of attire as they please. The timeless memories that it carries are enough reason to surpass any fashion metric.

Heirloom watches are good conversation starters. If someone noticed you wearing a red-leather watch with your elegant blue dress, you can share with them how this family heirloom has been passed from generation to generation.

Comfort and style

More than just a stylish and functional accessory, a watch says a lot about your personality. It defines your taste for the finer things in life. Before you buy or pick one, make sure that it will contribute to the lasting impression that you will convey to every person you meet. When choosing your watch, the basic rule of thumb is that the style of your watch should match your outfit. We hope our tips help you out.


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