Engagement Rings for your Significant Other

Engagement Rings for your Significant Other

This is the time of the year when you both feel that it’s the perfect opportunity to get married. If you’re the man, then congratulations! Everyone knows how nervous you are right now about the upcoming proposal. This time is a little crazy and you both kind of caught up in the romance. However, it’s still important to do other practical things like choosing the engagement ring and get it right the first time.

You may be shopping out solo, or you both scout for the right engagement ring. Fortunately, you can shop for rings online, and you can find some great choices on this website while discussing your options with your partner. You won’t have to leave home and go outside to get the best ring. If you are unsure what to do, then here are some tips that may help you out.

Tips in Finding the Right Engagement Ring

Tips in Finding the Right Engagement Ring

1. Start with the Shapes

Knowing the diamond’s shape that your partner will love will immensely narrow your choices. At the same time, hunting for the right ring becomes easier. You need to focus on the cuts and see which one will look best if you imagine your significant other wearing this important piece of jewelry.

The round cuts are the most expensive, but you can get affordable pears if you want. The sizes of the carats can be acquired at a lower price if you opt for other shapes. Before choosing an expensive diamond engagement ring, you may want to research the cuts with the best sparkles while still matching your budget.

2. Choosing the Band’s Metal

Traditionally, the band comprises white gold, yellow gold, platinum, silver, or rose gold. The platinum may look like silver in color, but they are generally more expensive than silver varieties. It’s also rare to find platinum bands, so make sure you have the budget for them. Many metals may scratch easier than others, so you may want to consider your lifestyle in making a choice.

3. The Size of the Carat is Essential

There’s an age-old factor that traditionally concerns engagement rings. This is the carat count. While others want a small diamond’s sparkle, others may prefer the larger stones, which friends and families will envy. What you need is the clearest cut that doesn’t compromise your budget. You can know more about engagement rings on this site here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Engagement_ring.

Your significant other should have an idea of the stone size that she wants. Many people may say at first that the size is not an important factor, but it’s always the kick-off. The clarity and colors can always be tweaked and included in your budget, but you may want to spend more on the size.

You may want to do some experiments first and always look out for other options. Your wife-to-be may have a clear idea of what kind of ring she wants but let her try others. She may realize that the more massive cuts may look good on her, which will change her preferences. There’s always a difference when you start to see things as they are rather than just thinking about them.

Besides, you can always save a lot when you choose the lesser carat size. You can think in terms of the whole and half carats like .5, 1, and 1.5. If the diamond is about 0.6 carats, you’ll save more money than deciding to get the 1-carat variety. You can save some bucks, but no one will be able to tell that you have a 0.6 instead of a one, so choose wisely.

4. Get the Correct Measurements

This may seem a little too obvious, but the rings should fit the fingers properly. You wouldn’t want something that will cut off your SO’s circulation, but you won’t want anything loose and will have the risk of getting lost.

The feel should be comfortable but snug. You can try shopping for engagement rings and wear different sizes. You can also tell your friends or someone close to your SO. There’s always that huge chance that somebody will ask for their measurements without knowing that they’ll become engaged later on. You know, casual conversations always help.

5. Compare the Look of the Engagement Ring to your Wedding Band

Others can easily focus on wanting to buy the best diamonds. However, the engagement ring is only half the story. The wedding band will be the tangible symbol of the marriage, and this is often overlooked by many.

The style of the band should go well with the engagement ring. The latter may not allow the band to fit flush, so you may want to get a full package in the process. Prong styles are common, and you can even choose custom-set stones if you want everything to work out smoothly.

6. Always Choose the Certified Ones

One of the most expensive purchases that couples have during a wedding event are the rings. So, this is the best time to shop smartly and take your time. You may want to get a stone certified by the Gemological Institute of America or GIA, or the American Gem Society.

The diamonds that may be certified by other labs may have inflated prices and grades. Sometimes, these exaggerated pieces of information can give the customer the impression that they are getting high-quality diamonds when the reality is, they’re just getting the lower-quality ones.

7. Know more about the Cut and Clarity Qualities

You may want to save big in your purchases by buying the lowest colors available for the diamond, but it will still look colorless to the untrained eye. Colors of diamonds can be categorized into letters. For example, the four diamonds set in a white gold band can have J colors. You could even go down to the K varieties for a cheaper option. It is important to know that the difference between the colors of J and D can be huge.

As for the factor of clarity, it’s crucial to get jewelry that looks clean to the naked eye. The flawless and identical look of an SI2 or SI1 may not make a difference to your friends, but their price difference is enormous.


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