Matching Rings with Finger Types

A Guide to Matching Rings with Finger Types

If you are a fashion-conscious type that likes to feel relaxed and comfortable when out and about, it is important to feel good about every aspect of your look; and that includes the rings you wear. Certain finger types favour specific ring shapes and styles, and with that in mind, here are a few tips when accessorising with rings.

Matching Rings for Different Finger Types

1. Short Fingers

Short Fingers Matching RingOval, pear-shaped or rectangular designs work well, as they make the finger seem more in proportion; keeping the stone narrow and long will add length to the finger. It can seem like a daunting task to spend a day looking at jewellery stores, which is why most people shop online, where you have more of a choice. Prices are also on average 15-20% cheaper than the traditional bricks and mortar store. There are great articles online on how to wear rings that comes complete with pictures, which might help.

2. Slender Fingers

Slender Fingers Matching RingIf you are blessed with lovely, long and slender fingers, the key point is not to overcome the finger; thicker bands work better, and stones should be small. If you search online, you will find stunning sterling silver rings from Silver Australia, a leading online jeweller that offers a wide range of sterling silver jewellery, all at affordable prices. Elongated designs work, providing they are slight, as the finger has little width.

3. Wide Fingers

Wide Fingers Matching RingRound, oval, or emerald cuts will all add some proportion to broad fingers, and avoid anything too large, as this will not complement your finger shape. The band should be medium to thick, while angular designs go well with wide fingers, and anything you would like a second opinion over, ask a good friend.

4. Long Fingers

Long Fingers Matching RingBold designs are ideal for long fingers, and you are not really limited in any way in this category, with the exception of small, single stones, as they would look out of proportion; a cluster would be preferable.

Ring Sizes

International Ring Size Conversion Chart Table Ring-size-hand-size5-11If you visit your local jeweller, they would be happy to size any of your fingers, and would also have a range of rings, although you are better off shopping online for jewellery, as it is cheaper. If you are looking at rings, try one on and take an image with your smartphone and you can always go back to make the purchase. If you are buying a diamond engagement ring for your partner and it’s a surprise, you will have to find out her ring size; something a good friend of hers could help you acquire.

International Ring Size Conversion Chart TableWhile it is important to consider others when choosing jewellery, many women follow their inner feeling and if something feels right, they go with that. The main principle when looking at various finger types is proportion, and, of course, shape. By spending time browsing the online jeweller, you will quickly find the ideal choice.


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