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Maxi Autumn: Flowy Skirts and Dresses For The Season

Before winters hit us in full swing and we get all wrapped up in blazers, coats or puffy parkas, Autumn gives us the perfect opportunity to slay in stylish maxis and flowy outfits. Maxis, skirts and dresses are outfits that girls and women of all ages and sizes can wear for daily wear as well as special occasions, but only if styled correctly.

While they are favourite Summer time outfits for all of us, transitioning into Winters doesn’t mean that you need to say goodbye. Instead, all you need is a little creativity and some effort. So here are some simple tips to help you transition through the season while looking your best.

Creating Modest Combinations

The one thing that maxis, skirts and dresses all have in common is, that no matter how revealing or short they are, you can easily use them to create modest outfits. This is because they are all so versatile that it will only take you a few creative moments to add layers on top or underneath them for a flattering combination.

Flowy Skirts 1For the Fall season, one of the best and modest outerwear option is to layer them with a jacket. There are several options to choose from like a chambray jacket or a camel trench jacket, both of which will go with almost anything.

If you’re looking for something warm that’ll give you the most flattering silhouette, try wearing a well-fitted shirt or jumper on top of your maxi dress. This will not just give you the warmth you long for in Autumn, but also give the illusion as if you’re wearing a beautiful flowy skirt, this of course makes it a great beach outfit in this season.

Coming towards layering under your maxis, try wearing comfortable, long sleeved t-shirts, that match the colours of your funky print maxis for a stylish yet warm look. If you’re wearing pale or neutral coloured maxis, then you can layer under them with either white or black tees. You don’t always have to match things up, simply look for combinations that complement each other well.

Dress Them Up

Don’t just reserve these outfits for casual daywear, try dressing them up with the right accessories for evening wear or fancy nights out. A statement necklace and a glittery scarf would be more than enough to make a style statement but if you do want to take things up a notch, try wearing edgy heels with them.

Flowy Skirts 2It’s always a good idea to keep the length of your maxis or skirts in check when you’re buying them, especially if you want to show off your gorgeous shoes. And if you truly want to stand out, you can always go for bold colour combinations like wearing flashy orange accessories with a blue maxi dress.

Go with the Flow

The good thing about fashion is that there are never any rules so you’re always free to experiment. There are certain dresses that women who prefer modest wear are afraid to buy. We suggest that if you like a crochet maxi or even a lace one, don’t be afraid to buy it since modest and Muslim fashion is all about creative styling. For example, you can easily leave the house by wearing a t-shirt and pants or leggings under such maxis.

Flowy Skirts 3For a casual and stylish look that’s work appropriate, you can even wear a button down shirt over your maxi, leave the buttons opened and bring it all together with a preppy belt on top.

Or as we discussed earlier, wear sweaters on top to make it look like you’re actually wearing a beautiful maxi skirt. Try to choose sweaters, scarves and shoes in colours that go with the Autumn vibes like Burgundy, Brown, Gold or Camel.

At the end, just remember that this season is all about making smart choices to extend your wardrobe, so just let go of all worries and have fun getting creative with it!


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