Measure Yourself To Find Clothes

How To Measure Yourself To Find Clothes That Fit Like a Dream

Measure Yourself To Find ClothesBuying clothes online can be tricky. The selection is amazing, and the prices can be great, but even with these advantages, ordering clothes without trying them on are hard. Fortunately, measurements can take a lot of the guesswork out.

Tools Needed

You’ll need flexible measuring tape, a mirror to make sure you’re holding everything right, and a paper and pen to write down the numbers. You can get the tape at any craft store, and it’ll last you forever.

Which Measurements?

Start by marking down the headings on your paper. You’ll need to measure your chest, your waist, and your hips. For pants, you should also measure your inseam.

The Process

It’s simplest to start from the top down, so do the chest first. Wrap the tape around the largest part of your chest. Wear your everyday bra for this, if you’re female. Hold the end of the tape right in the middle of your chest. Make sure it’s completely horizontal; any slippage will make the resulting measurement too big. The tape should be snug but not tight. You don’t want it to be cutting into your flesh.

Your hips and waist work the same way. Some people can locate their waist just by looking in the mirror for the narrowest spot. If you don’t see a dip, try bending to the side. The spot where you naturally bend will be your natural waist. Take the waist measurement just like the chest, not too tight and perfectly horizontal. Now look at your hips from the front and the side to find the widest part, then measure that spot horizontally.

The inseam is different. Hold the tape at the top of the inside of your thigh where your legs meet. Then let the tape fall in a straight line. You can step on it with one foot to pull it tight. Then write down the number where it meets the floor.

Using Your Measurements

Most websites will list the exact measurements. Reem Clothings website sell Judas Sinned, for example, and has the chest measurements so you can accurately pick the one that will fit you. If a site doesn’t list a measurement, try contacting customer service. They’re usually happy to give you the measurements on the clothing.


Measurements take a lot of the guesswork out of buying clothes online. Once you have these numbers written down, you can order with the confidence that your purchases will fit like a dream.


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