Perfect Wedding Album

A Memoir Of A Grand Wedding Ceremony: The Perfect Wedding Album

A wedding album comprises of memories of a wedding ceremony. A beautiful wedding album brings joy and laughter , re-defining the nostalgic moments that occurred during the occasion of a wedding ceremony! A perfect wedding album can be compared with the wedding dress, something that is meant to be enjoyed , something which is being looked at .The way capturing the moments of a wedding is an art , similarly creating the perfect wedding album by assembling it appropriately is also an art among itself !

Perfect Wedding AlbumSo , the question that arises here is that what are the key points that one should keep in mind while assembling the perfect wedding album ?

Here are 9 suggestive tips for coming up with the best possible wedding album!

1. Be picky! Choose the your favorite snaps

A perfect wedding album shall be full of emotions rather than turning out to be technical. Choose to place those snaps in your wedding album which mean a lot to you , which are you favorites. Sometimes there are certain pictures which unfold a lot of memories bringing tears of joy . Sometimes certain expressions are captured so beautifully that they reflect a lot of un-expressed feelings. Such pictures shall be placed in the album as they re-define what is over , making the moment freeze.

2. Caption or not, choose photos which speak for themselves!

Sometimes there are some pictures which are not just beautifully clicked, in-fact they speak for themselves! Some make us laugh every time we see them , some make us cry, some make us remember and all of them make us rejoice.

3. Place the images as per the events happening in an order

Keeping the images in a chronological order helps set up a sense of “what happened when”. These pictures can be presented as a time line defining the whole event as it occurred.

4. The album pages shall relate to one another by content and style

There should be a flow that should be maintained while compiling the wedding album. Just like a poem imparts feelings in each verse, there shall be a feel to every page .The album should have a nice spread all together.

5. Bring personalization in the album

Edit the pictures. Add your colors , add your filters and add your shades ! Inculcate flavors into the bland. Make the images look as appealing as they can with your personal touch.

6. DO include images which capture the key events

Certain key events such as the ring ceremony , a toast to the couple , family dinner , the bride walking on the aisle etc ought to be included in the album as they are the key attraction of the album, highlighting the major events which sum up the occasion.

7. Respect time

While you place your request for the desired wedding album design and details, try to avoid procrastination and look out for faster output on behalf of the photographer and the album developer.

Do ensure they meet your desired needs, after all its a valuable visual memoir.

8. Consider the size of the album you choose

Try to avoid over filling of the album with a lot of images . Keep it special , include the best of the memories from the occasion. Choose an appropriate design and size of the album accordingly.

9. Keep the album at a place which is most feasible

The purpose behind the album composition was to ensure that the memories remain intact and people who visit you view it and re-live the past moments.

We build memories and we store them so as to re-visit the past in our hearts and minds , feeling what it felt like back in time. Such moments are valuable to everybody, after all we all have emotions deep inside, for some may show & some may not. Nevertheless we all posses emotions and perhaps maintaining an album is the best possible way to preserve them.

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