Signs of Infidelity

Signs of Infidelity

The aim of this article is to explore some signs of infidelity that men and women show unconsciously and that will help you to identify what the person that shares the best moments with you behaves when you are not seeing him or her. To begin with, we should open this controversial topic by raising the question: Is Human Being unfaithful by Nature?

Signs of InfidelityWhen we think about signs of infidelity the compulsory question seems to be: Are men more unfaithful than women? The answer is still in debate since Sexual Revolution and Feminism have brought significant changes in women’s behavior and consequently, in men’s attitudes in reaction to that. The quest of the origins of infidelity makes us wonder whether it is a biological or sociological matter. The answer includes a combination of both, since men feel more pressured by their background and their hormones sometimes take control and the brain remains subdued to them, while women feel that being equal to men means they have to behave like them. To make matters worse, they have centuries of submission upon their shoulders and they are intrinsically convinced time for revenge has come.

Anyway, what is important for our purpose is to learn how to identify the most important signs of infidelity. Let us follow the tradition and say: ladies first.

Female signs of infidelity you cannot ignore

When a woman asks you for some time to re-think about her life due to the fact that she feels in an age crisis, be careful. No woman that is going through that problem needs a time away from her partner, so she may be seeing someone.

If you observe a range of drastic changes in the way she dresses, eats, has her hair done and she starts changing her routine and now includes activities such as gym or some sport, it is definitely sure that she is trying of impress someone.

Has she always had passwords to have access to her cell phone? If the answer is ‘no’ and now she has included them, wouldn’t you wonder why?

Male signs of infidelity you have to be alert to

You start receiving unusual presents such as chocolates and flowers from him. Stop and think for a moment, when was the last time he did something like this? Fifteen years ago? The answer is that he is feeling guilty about something.

If you notice that your man is being too tender and provides you with hugs and kisses all the time, practice that is not habitual in him, surely he is trying to compensate you for all the kisses, hugs… and much more he is giving to another woman.

Not everybody reacts the same in front of the same situation, so it would not be weird to find your partner particularly distant and cold.

There are many others signs of infidelity, but these ones are the most notorious and significant. Remain alert to any other changes from your partner and investigate until the truth finally emerges.


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