Boxer Briefs for men

What Men Should Know About Boxer Briefs!

Boxer Briefs for menBuying underwear was an easy task in earlier times as the choices were less. However, in recent time, there are so many varieties of men’s underwear, that one can get confused. There are many types of underwear with specific attributes, designs, fabrics and cuts. The traditional underwear are listed below.

  • Briefs

These are most conventional and comfortable type of underwear that avoids friction between thighs. They have an overlap fly. It comes in two varieties namely: Low rise brief and mid rise brief. They provide maximum support to the delicate parts.

  • Boxers

A boxer is loose fitting underwear that loosely covers from waist to mid thighs. There are many varieties, right from ones for grandfathers to trendy boxers. It generally looks classy with or without pants. The boxer allows more ventilation but does not provide enough support. They also tend to bunch when you pull up your pants. In such cases you can try silk material boxers instead of cotton ones.

  • Boxer Briefs

Boxer shorts or briefs both have their pros and cons. But boxer brief are combination of boxers and briefs. It provides benefits of both styles and supports the delicate parts as well as gives room for ventilation.

Benefits of boxer briefs:

These are popular with women also. Women love men who wear boxer briefs, as they tend to find them sexy. This underwear is cut like boxers but has fitting like briefs. The main advantage of boxer brief is that they provide support and even coverage. It works on all types of clothes but great during sports or when wearing tight pants. Dark colored boxer briefs look good on plump men, as they tend to make then look thin. They come in spandex, cotton or tencel and spandex mix. They last longer and fit better. Some benefits of boxer briefs are as follows.

The disadvantages of wearing boxers are given below

  • It is loose fitting and not constricting
  • Provides no support
  • Bunches up when work inside tight pants
  • When wearer gets excited, it becomes visible
  • Thick waist band can be irritating

Disadvantages of briefs are as given below

  • Overlapping fly is not possible to use
  • When elastic band goes waste, you cannot use it
  • It is available in limited fabrics
  • Can become out of shape in unwanted places

The ideal solution to overcome these problems, is wearing boxer briefs!

  • Support

Ideal support is the obvious benefit of using boxer shorts. They hold you in good place and give apt support. You can wear even while doing athletics or heavy gym.

  • Stability

Traditional boxers tend to ride up above the waistband or slip down. The loose fabric gets bunched and twisted when you wear tight pants. Wearing boxer briefs will overcome this problem and it will stay in one place.

  • Containment

Traditional boxers have controversial fly that can give away your privacy any moment. Some boxer shorts come with button enclosure on fly. But imagine you wish to use washroom urgently and button won’t open? Disastrous right? Boxer briefs come with decent fly and gives maximum support.


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