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Shaving Tips Your Father Never Taught You

On average, men spend about 3,000 hours of their lives shaving, and 75% of men shave daily- yet many men still suffer from nicks, dry skin, and other skin issues caused by shaving. Use these tips to get a close shave and improve your skin.

To begin, gather the best products for the job. Exfoliate twice a week before shaving to avoid razor burn, and use a styptic pencil, alum block, or even lip balm to dab nicks. Shop for aftershaves that don’t have too much alcohol (which dries the skin), and if you’re out of shaving cream, olive oil or hair conditioner works in a pinch, as long as you clean your face thoroughly after. Your shaving cream should have a high concentration of moisturizers and lubricants to protect your skin, and if you’re growing your beard, a stiff-bristled boar’s hairbrush can decrease itchiness.

Also, reevaluate your razor and how you use it. If you’re not getting a clean shave, safety razors give you the closest shave for the best value. You can also save money on razors by subscribing to a mail-order razor service. Clean your razor with a small brush or by using a faucet with high water pressure, and hang or store your razor somewhere it will completely dry to extend its lifespan. You can sharpen a dull razor blade on an old pair of jeans; swipe upward along the leg of an old pair of jeans with the sharp end of the blade facing away to improve your razor’s condition.

Finally, make sure that you’re shaving correctly. Shave after your shower, when your follicles are open and hair is softened, and shave with the grain of your facial hair. When shaving your neck, lean forward and tilt your head back a bit to flatten the area. After you’ve finished, splash your face with cold (not hot) water to avoid skin irritation.

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