3 Hints Tips and Strategies to Bounce Back After a Break Up

3 Tips and Strategies to Bounce Back After a Break-Up

Before it’s time to start over after a break-up, you need to start feeling resilient and good about yourself in order to bounce back. But as anyone who has gone through heartbreak can tell you, there’s no easy way to get through it.

Fortunately, employing some tried-and-true tips and tricks to make it through the most challenging phases of a break-up can help mend a broken heart and set you on a path forward.

In need of some ideas on how to make it through the darker post-break-up days and forward on an upward trajectory? Then keep reading to learn three hints, tips and strategies to come out happy on the other side.

1. Give Yourself Time to Grieve and Mourn

Drawing the distinction between grief and mourning can be explained via the following: “Grief and mourning are common terms to describe feelings and behaviors following a loss. Although sometimes used interchangeably, grief and mourning represent different parts of loss.”

In other words, if you love someone but had to part ways, no matter whose choice or the reason, it’s still a loss that you must allow yourself to feel and move on from on your own terms. Hopefully, you won’t need to stay in this place long, but take some time for yourself.

When your friends start to prod you to leave the house in your cutest outfits, it’s likely time to snap out of it. Until then, do what you need to get those bad feelings out of your system.

2. Start to Let Go

After giving yourself the time and space needed to get over the break-up, moving on and letting go when the time is right is quintessential to feeling your best. In fact, experts recommend you stop ruminating over what went wrong and put an end to placing blame on yourself or your ex-partner. Instead, try getting out of your head and being subsumed by negative thought patterns by taking a yoga class, seeing a therapist, volunteering a few hours a week, or striking up a new hobby like gardening or learning a musical instrument.

3. Treat Yourself to New Intimates

As you start to feel more like your fun-loving, lighthearted and confident self again — or if you need some help getting there — treat yourself to some new delicate and sexy garters and intimates. You certainly won’t be alone in doing so. In fact, more and more women these days turn to lingerie to boost their happiness and sense of empowerment.

Whether you’re ready to start looking for a new love or want to spend more time focusing on yourself, there’s a place in your closet and on your body for beautiful lingerie. Indeed, you’ll love how great you look and feel, as the right intimate wear accentuates all your best attributes. And there is still love out there for people over 50 – look into Ourtime to get back into the swing of things. You can even hire a male escort for women, they’re trained professionals and make awesome companions overall.

Be Kind to Yourself, and You’ll Bounce Back in No Time

Each of these tips has one thing in common: self-kindness. And we’ll say it again and again: You need to give yourself time to heal in order to get back out there on your own terms. To do so, you’ll not only need to be more introspective but also develop a strategy of self-forgiveness, allowing you to push yourself to get back out into the dating world — in a way that makes you feel great about yourself, both inside and out.


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