Dating a Russian Locals

An Overview of Dating Russian Locals

Finding the right person in a sea of singles is challenging. But trying to date someone that does not share your language or ethnic makeup poses a more significant hurdle. That is especially true if you’re dating a Russian local.

Russians are generally reserved individuals. They wouldn’t smile or pretend to be amused if they feel otherwise. Indeed, dating a Russian takes additional effort.

If you’re an American hoping to understand your Russian date, this article is for you. We talked about what it feels like to date a Russian local. We also included a few tips and pieces of advice you should take to heart to win your date’s attention and affection.

What Dating a Russian Local Feels Like

Below are the ultimate things to expect when dating a Russian local.

Dating Russian Local

1. It would feel like dating with a supermodel

Men and women in Russia are very fashionable. However, contrary to rumors, Russian locals don’t spend their month’s salary on stylish fashion pieces.

Russian ladies look terrific with or without makeup. They are inherently beautiful and wouldn’t mind going out of the house looking unprepared. Men, too, are incredibly sexy. Their handsome faces plus their rich minds are enough to make a lady fall madly in love.

However, this doesn’t mean Russians don’t dress up at all — they still make sure they look their best on special occasions. Nonetheless, for Russian locals, good looks and a great attitude make for a perfect life partner.

2. Women won’t pay for dinner

In Russia, asking a woman to pay the bill or splitting it would be a gross insult. Russian women are used to being treated like real ladies, hoping for their dates and future partners to be absolute gentlemen. So, one way for you to show it to them is by paying for your dinner dates.

However, some Russian women would see it badly if you attempt to foot the dinner. To be safe, offer to pay the bill that time and assure her she could take the following date’s tab. This way, you wouldn’t hurt her feelings, and you — subtly — scored a subsequent date with her!

3. Men would be chivalrous

Chivalry never died in Russia. Going out on a date with a Russian guy would feel like dating a knight in the 21st-century era. On a date, it’s natural for Russian men to walk with you outside the sidewalk, open the door, or pull up the chair so you could sit comfortably and elegantly.

If you’re a guy trying to date a Russian lady, be sure to be the perfect gentleman. Treat her right and assure her she’d stay safe and loved with you.

4. Romantic gestures are normal

Russian men and women have a penchant for anything romantic. They welcome any display of passion and affection with warmth and excitement. They are even willing to express their love even when the relationship is still blooming.

This is way too different from Americans. Americans hold back and evaluate their care for their dates before saying those magical words. They believe that they should only say it to the right person at the right moment.

If there are some similarities between Russians and Americans, it would have to be their delight for flirting. Nonetheless, Russians prefer a chivalrous date who can sweep them off their feet.

5. A date’s venue won’t matter

When on a date with a Russian local, the venue does not matter. You could go out to a park or eat at a local diner, and it wouldn’t matter. For them, the company weighs more than any fancy dating place.

6. The first few dates might be a little dry at first

Russians are straightforward individuals. The saying, “What you want is what you get,” applies significantly to men and women in the country.

Russian singles don’t like to talk about nonsensical topics. They even hate small talk. Talking about societal matters would be a surefire way to capture your date’s attention.

A Russian local’s preference to steer clear from fluffy conversations might even result in their deep understanding of the world. With this, dating a Russian local would also mean getting someone with whom you could have profound discussions about life.

7. Friendly debates are natural

Like Americans, Russians are opinionated, too. They rarely hold back and constantly speak about what’s bothering them.

When dating a Russian local, expect them to give their two cents now and again. They will even challenge you to a friendly debate if your opinions clash.

Often, your Russian date might tell you what you need to hear, even when you wish contrarily. When this happens, never dismiss your date’s opinions. Instead, try to listen to them, keep an open mind, and offer your views as well.

8. Meeting their immediate and extended family

Russians hold high regard for their family and close relations. Although Americans are intimate with their family as well, nothing compares to how Russians value their family. Family is at the top of Russians’ priorities — some even follow their family’s opinions to a T.

Russia’s close family relations are traceable to Soviet communist rule, where everyone needed to tap each other for financial and emotional support. So, even up to this point, Russians have kept everyone close. Hence, when dating a Russian, trying to understand their family structure might be tricky.

In Russia, you will find out that the ones they call uncles, aunts, grandparents, or cousins might not be related to them by blood. Hence, it would be hard to know their actual relatives. And maybe, this is what makes them adorably unique.

9. Receive gifts constantly

No matter the occasion, Russians don’t visit friends or family unless they bring a gift.

On a date with a Russian single, don’t be shocked if they bring you a gift. Presents are a national staple in Russia. It’s inherent for them to give a gift even when someone isn’t close to them yet. Without a doubt, Russians are innately generous and appreciate the art of gift-giving.

10. They believe in superstitious beings or rituals

When Russia was in a deep economic crisis, Russian locals clung tightly to the mercy of higher beings. So much so that they built over 5,000 religious organizations.

With the varied religious groups, superstitious notions came to power. Some Russian locals even continued following such practices today. For example, looking at one’s reflection in front of a mirror may mean seven years’ worth of severe bad luck. Additionally, unmarried women should not sit at the corner of a table; otherwise, they will never marry.

If your date’s one of the many that still practice Russia’s old superstitions, be sure to respect their beliefs. While this may be funny to you, these beliefs are already part of their system. Hence, keep your feelings to yourself if you also want to keep them in your life.

11. Miscommunications might happen

Dating a Russian single can be challenging because of differences in culture and language.

If you wish to date a Russian local successfully, be sure to learn their language. While you do that, study your date’s culture. Clashes regarding tradition or customs are typical when it comes to cross-cultural relationships. The important thing is that you are willing to understand each other.

12. You get to see the world differently

To some, dating someone you don’t share the same culture and language with might mean trouble. But for the most part, being in an interethnic relationship means getting the chance to see the world a little better. You get to have your personal tour guide, and you get to understand their culture at a deeper level.

Love genuinely

Meeting your ideal mate from an extraordinary land like Russia and falling madly in love seems to be a dream come true. It is even the fantasy most of us see in movies or read in books.

If you’ve finally met your ideal date through a Russian local, don’t ever let them go. But also, don’t forget to bring along a bag load of patience, respect, and authenticity with you. Good luck, and be sure to have fun!


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