Mismatched Earrings

Mismatched Earrings: Are They Still Considered Trendy in 2020?

Wearing earrings can be a real style addition. But, do it wrong and you look overdone or awkward. One newer trend is to wear mismatched earrings that look good together. There are a few rules for success in wearing mismatched earrings. You don’t want to look like you were in a hurry and grabbed the wrong earring. It must look intentional. Done right, this style statement can add a little fun and quirkiness to your look.

Some rules For Success With Mismatched Earrings

Are Mismatched Earrings Still Trendy

When deciding on which earrings to pair up, choose ones using the same metal and the same stones or pearls. Play with earring lengths, such as using one stud and one long earring, for fun asymmetry. When shopping for possible combinations, get more information at this website. Try for a collection including ear cuffs, hoop earrings, longer earrings, and posts. They can feature pave crystals, fun shapes, good metals, and enamel coatings.

When choosing the day’s earrings, play with shapes and sizes and lengths. Perhaps start with an orphan earring you loved as a set and find another earring that looks good with it. Decide which single earrings can be paired before putting them on. Then look in the mirror to make sure they really do work together. Another rule for success is to choose one common theme or the same colour or contrasting colours that work together, such as black and white or complementary colours.

The theme could be stars, flowers, geometric shapes, moons, or suns, sailing, animals, and so on. Also, it matches the general style of construction. A blocky, modern earring will be unbalanced with a lacy delicate earring of traditional styling.

What To Do With Your Hair

Hollow Hoop Trio Combo Set

When you go to all the trouble to pick a good pairing of single earrings, you want people to see the result. So, wear a hairstyle that does not cover up the earrings. Think about wearing your hair fastened back or wear your hair up. Now those earrings can take center stage and make more of a fashion statement.

But, Are Mismatched Earrings Still Trendy?

Handcuff Chain Huggie Earring

Yes, mismatched earrings are still trendy and getting more so. You will see them on fashion runways and in fashion magazines. Some jewellery companies are selling single earrings as well as purposely mismatched sets to take the guessing out of the trend for some people. Another way to wear this trend is to have multiple piercings and wear a collection of small studs in each ear.

Jewellery and fashion designers are all weighing in on this trend to sell unique earrings that mix and match colour, size, and shape. They are advising wearing different lengths on each ear, one short like a stud, one long and swingy.

The main rule and advice are to make a conscious decision of which earrings to pair up without overthinking the final decision. Carefully planned spontaneity might describe the final result you want to achieve. Why not have one small jewellery box full of single earrings to choose from? Each choice is new and exciting and, if one gets lost, there is no tragedy. Next time, pick a new mate for the remaining earring. This is a fun fashion trend that might be here to stay. This is also a great way to keep those orphan earrings and wear them with new mates.


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