Fashion Pinkish Red Color

A Play of Colors: Utilizing Pinkish Red and Bright Orange to Your Advantage

Fashion is perhaps one of the most flexible things out there. It is the perfect room for creativity, experimentation and a fabulous opportunity for every woman to learn and find out for herself what will look good on her, as far as the clothes, the shoes and the fashion accessories that she will be wearing are concerned. And when it comes to women’s clothes and overall outfit, there are important factors that every woman should consider in order to come up with the right combination, one of them is the proper use of colors. So for today, we will zoom in on punchy and watermelon-y type of color which can be very, very versatile and full of life and character and can be used to your advantage.

Fashion Pinkish Red Color

Options for tops and bottoms

There are actually a lot of options and combination you can choose from when it comes to utilizing this bright, warm and feminine color, it all depends on what fits your body shape the best. You can begin by trying out a tulip dress in order to get a silhouette that gives that more structured look and in turn will be able to highlight the powers of the color.

But if you are not into wearing dresses, then you can opt for something like a silk-voscose blouse which you will match with a silk charmeuse scarf for that added kick. Other forms of tops that you can also try in for other days, of course are watermelon-colored tanks that are made of polyester or a cotton-spandex shirtdress for that dainty look.

But take note, you need not always wear tops that bear this color, you can also wear them for your bottoms them match it with a different color for your top. Try matching a pinkish-red sequined silk skirt, cotton pants or denim shorts with a top that has a neutral color like white, tangerine or khaki as these colors match well with your bottom.

Don’t forget to accessorize

Surely, your refreshing and energy-filled and confidence-boosting look would never be complete without carrying the other essentials which are the accessories. Make sure that you are seen wearing a pair of casual T-strap leather sandals with some snakeskin trim or a pair of leather sandals for good measure. And still speaking of leather, you may want to wrap your wrist with a leather bracelet that has some silver accents in it for that added appeal and impact.

And of course, no woman should be seen walking outside without carrying a stylish handbag or purse, right? Now this is the accessory that will give that contradicting or accentuating touch as you should be going for faux snakeskin clutch bag or purse that has, get this, a dark blue tone. Wear it bold and wear it proud and surely the spotlight will be focused on you.

Always remember the importance of knowing how to play with different colors and learning how to use their strengths to your advantage. Don’t always go for the ones that you usually see every single day outside. Go against the grain by being bold every once in a while.


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