Beauty Tips for the Bride

Preparing for the Big Day: Some Tips for The Woman Who Is Getting Married

Beauty Tips for the BrideCongratulations! In a few months, you will finally walk down the aisle and say “I Do” to the man of your dreams. But before that, there are a lot of preparations to be done. Aside from the wedding gown, cake and your final guest list, you need to prepare yourself on your big day – and this includes following a beauty and weight loss plan.

To guide you better, here are tips on how to prepare on your big day.

Nine months to go:

Start your exercise regimen. Nothing is more terrifying than not being able to fit in your gown. As a bride-to-be, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle through exercise. But before you plan your workout, imagine what type of dress to wear and the trouble spots you need to work on. This will be easier for you to plan an exercise program.

During this time, perform an aerobic activity such as running or elliptical for 20 minutes at least 3 times a week and gradually increase the duration. If you have a particular activity in mind such as Pilates, Zumba or Kickboxing, then you can stick to those. Aside from cardio, strength training is also important. Use a dumbbell that you’re comfortable with and do some arm curls. Try to balance your weight using one leg for more challenge.

And of course, don’t compromise your health by not eating healthy. Feed yourself with nutritious food such as fruits and vegetables. Stick to lean protein, whole grains and fibre. Drink lots of water to keep you hydrated. And instead of fried, bake, broil or steam your food.

Six months to go:

With 6 months to go, it is time to introduce a skin care regimen. This is enough time to clear up any skin problems and find the right products for you. Also, you need to have a skincare routine for your body. Exfoliate twice a week and don’t forget to moisturize.

It is also during this time that you need to find a hair and makeup artist. Take your time to find someone who will meet your expectations. You need to look like a queen on your wedding day so make sure to have a dry run before hiring someone.

Three months to go:

At this point, you should start getting some facials, especially if it’s your first time. With enough time, facials can keep your skin deeply cleansed to prevent breakouts on your big day. Also, you should start choosing other wedding essentials such as shoes, jewelry, perfume and undergarments. Every little thing matters and you want to make sure that everything is perfect on your big day.

Gown fitting must also be scheduled on this day. You need to make sure you can fit in your gown and make necessary adjustments in case something goes wrong.

One month to go:

With one month to, you need to polish everything for your big day. At the same time, you need to keep your feet ready by making sure it is in a good condition. Use a pumice stone and apply a foot cream before you go to bed to make sure your feet is ready. Also, make an appointment to your dentist for teeth whitening to make sure it is picture perfect.

One week to go:

It is important to keep your calm with one week to go before you say “I Do.” However, don’t neglect the little things such as manicure, wax and threading. All of these should be done at least three days before your wedding to avoid rush.

Most importantly, enjoy every moment. Do not be a “bridezilla” and keep your cool as much as possible. Wedding is a once in a lifetime event so make the most out of it.


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