8 Hair Style Trends of 2013

8 Top Hair Style Trends of 2013

8 Hair Style Trends of 2013Hairstyle options are limitless. Each year, new trends emerge from the woodwork. Old trends are reworked, and interesting variations of past styles sprout up. Celebrities, models and everyday people decide what the hottest trends are by what they style of tresses they sport when they present themselves to the world – and hair stylists stay up to date! These exciting trends were born in 2013, inspiring women everywhere to try something new.

1. Ombre

The dip-dyed style is a hit in 2013, with celebrities everywhere sporting gracefully two-toned hair. Solid colors take a backseat to the interesting and beautiful ombre trend; any color can grace the ends of your hair, though the classic brown-to-blonde is most common.

2. Knots

Tying your hair in knots is becoming more popular. Knots make an appearance in updos, but they also look great in sleek hairstyles, tied off to the side. The look is very natural and minimalist: no accessories, just your hair.

3. Feminine Updos

Classic updos take the stage this year, recalling such feminine icons as Audrey Hepburn. But there’s a twist: updos are a bit messier, with strands and pieces hanging out. These updos are classic, but more relaxed and casual. Add in an accessory, such as a headband, to make the look all your own.

4. Pompadours

Pompadours are from the past, but they’re not old and boring. A pompadour works on men and women and looks both vintage and rock and roll. The edgy, interesting pompadour popped up this year, with various celebrities giving it a try. This updo is neither casual nor glamorous, but carries its own message of a classic, yet rocking nature.

5. Braids

The ever-classic braids are irresistible in 2013, as well as extremely versatile. Braids can be simple or fancy, small or large. A single braid down your back looks casual and smart, while french braids that lead into an updo are more glamorous.

6. Low Pony

The easy low ponytail is no longer the sign of waking up late. Sleek hair pulled back into a ponytail at the nape of your neck is simple, classic and gorgeous. The low pony style can be relaxed or crisp depending on how tight the ponytail is. When you keep your hair simple, you can play up your makeup or your clothes.

7. Bangs

Bangs are on the runway and on the streets as fashion-forward ladies add a fringe to their ‘do. Thick and bold bangs add a youthful look to your face, while the side-swept option adds an air of sophistication. Bangs add texture and interest to otherwise plain hair.

8. Messy Waves

A natural-looking wave is a trend of the year, with women sporting waves that almost pass for messy bedhead. These wavy locks are not tightly curled, but natural and relaxed. Don’t use a curling iron for this look: just pull your hair into a bun while it dries, and scrunch it up with your fingers when you let it loose. The key to getting this style is keeping it low-maintenance.

Hair trends come and go, but this year’s trends have a lasting quality. Past trends are combined and re-worked and new trends, like ombre, seem to be sticking around, which makes sense given its popularity. Hair is a good medium for self-expression, and this year’s looks should provide a wealth of inspiration.


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