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7 Sexy & Stylish Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Her

Sexy & Stylish Stocking StufferIt’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, which means its time to start shopping for holiday goodies for your sweetheart. Gifts may not be the problem – bigger is sometimes easier. But the smaller things are stumpers. What should you put in your partner’s stocking?

There are several ways to go with stocking stuffers. You could go practical, gag gift, or sappy sweet but none of those ideas will be listed here. If you want to go with sexy stocking stuffers that will wow her, we have a couple of ideas to get you started:

1. Lingerie

Women like to feel sexy. You know your lady. Buy lingerie that she would enjoy wearing. You can be daring and try something different, or go with a style you know she likes. Whether lace, satin, or latex, she’ll appreciate the thought.

2. Pamper Set

Every woman enjoys a good bath or shower. Fill her stocking with shower gels, bath oils, lotions, and body sprays. Add a candle and a CD of her favorite relaxing music, and you are golden. This adds a personal touch that is sure to get your some extra points!!!

3. Edible Panties

These will seem funny to her…until they’ve been…eaten.

4. InterCourses Cooking

Have you ever experienced the effect of an aphrodisiac? If you haven’t, this book will introduce you to the natural sensuality food can add to an experience. If you have, you’ll enjoy scrumptious new recipes to try with your partner. Don’t dismiss this just as a cookbook. InterCourses contains stimulating images and combinations of foods that will not only make your mouth water, but will put you in a sensual mood. Your mind and connection will take you the rest of the way.

5. Cook Together

Cook your meals together, feeding one another and enjoying different sensations as you go. Or make a meal for her instead and watch her savor every bite. Have fun with it and see how much watching you do so pleases her. To learn more about this book, visit their website:

6. Massage Oils

Select different scents and ones that yield different results. But don’t stop there. Offer to massage her whenever she wants, then roll up your sleeves!

7. Coupons

Here’s a word to the wise: do not make the mistake of clipping grocery coupons and sticking them in her stocking, even if it’s for her favorite food! Instead, get a little creative. You know what your sweetie likes. Write up a coupon for her favorite intimate activity. It can be anything, like a free foot massage or a free pedicure administered by you, wearing the outfit she likes to see you in most. You can go a little further with this gift idea too, offering… let’s say, “different” types of services. You dictate the terms on the face of the coupon (Smile once and get a free smooch, Get a free lap dance after dinner if you’re wearing red, etc.) and honor it when she wants to redeem them.

Making these naughty coupons is easy too. Just input the details into a template designed for address labels and print. A stack of these are sure to make her smile (and probably blush too!).

So, there you have it! Seven risqué ideas to fill a naughty Christmas stocking. Happy shopping!


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