Five Fashionable Holiday Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life

5 Fashionable Holiday Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life

Five Fashionable Holiday Gift Ideas For The Man In Your LifeWith the holiday season approaching, you want to find just the right gift for the fashionable man in your life. Luckily for you, there are more options now than ever before, giving you an endless selection of gifts to choose from to stuff his stocking and surprise him on Christmas morning. Here are five gift ideas to inspire you:

1. A New Wallet

Men love their wallets, but often the wallets are so bulky that they look bad. And sitting on a bulky wallet can be bad for the spine and back, so men are forced to place them in their front pockets where there is less room. All that can be solved with the new, stylish thin wallets from This wallets come in all kinds of styles and colors, and not only are they eco-friendly, but they are resistant to RFID scanners – meaning that no one can make a wireless copy of a driver’s license or other important cards. Surprise your man with a brand new wallet this Christmas morning, with a picture of yourself inside.

2. A Quilted Winter Vest

When the weather gets cold, the layers go on – and that does terrible things for a man’s outline. Certain styles of clothing can make a man look bulky and overweight, but a quilted vest solves this problem. These vests come in all sorts of colors and look great over a suit, and their quilted material means they lay flat without losing warmth, keeping your man comfortable and stylish no matter how chilly it is outside.

3. A New Duffel Bag Or Tote

It’s time to lose that messenger bag he’s carried all through college. Have it ‘disappear’ one day, and replace it this Christmas with a brand new duffel bag that brings out the masculine in him. Make sure the duffel is rugged and durable for all of the manly use it will see in the coming months, whether that is lugging gear to the office or on camping trips with the guys.

4. A New Watch

Splurge a bit and buy him a Rolex he’ll never forget, or save some money and buy a Seiko. A man needs a good looking watch – not only does it tell the time, but it makes a statement about him. A quality watch tells all who notice that the man is punctual, dependable, and has excellent taste in style.

5. A 20-Year Scotch

Nothing says masculine more than Sean Connery, and you’d never catch him drinking swill. A nicely aged bottle of high quality scotch will put a smile on any man’s face, and it screams male – whether he is wearing a nice suit and sitting around a business conference, or in a Carhart jacket and leaned against the bar somewhere in the mountains.

Men aren’t really hard to please. Purchase him of the items on this list, and make it a Christmas to remember. All of these items are masculine, stylish, and fit any man, no matter his tastes. You know the man in your life better than anyone else, so figure out what fits him best, and wrap it in a box with a nice bow. He’ll appreciate it.


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