Healthy Glow This Summer

Replace Sweat With A Healthy Glow This Summer

2018 has seen some record-shattering heat waves, which leaves beauty fanatics across the Western Hemisphere scrambling to find sweat-proof, anti-frizz solutions that won’t melt away at the beach. Fortunately, a wide range of skincare, makeup, and hair tricks exist to complement your hot summer wardrobe. Modifying key steps in your everyday beauty routine will work wonders when it comes to rescuing your face from harmful UV rays and humidity.

It’s All About Moisture

Many makeup lovers might think that summer beauty is about avoiding excess moisture, but paradoxically, the best skincare routines will embrace moisture and hydration while removing excess oil production. First, to protect your skin from the sun, follow your morning cleansing routine with an SPF 15+ moisturizer. Then, as the day progresses, blot excess oil with blotting papers and add some refreshing face mist to set your makeup while locking moisture in. (Stick your face mist in the refrigerator overnight for added rejuvenation).

Go for Beauty on a Budget

The summer is ripe with possibilities for beauty, but this doesn’t mean every new trend is worth breaking the bank. Blotting papers, for instance, are thin sheets of disposable paper, and probably not worth buying from designer beauty companies. Since beach-goers will likely need to replace foundation to match their suntan, this is another area where it doesn’t make sense to overpay for a product that will only last until your tan fades away. Browse drugstores for budget-friendly beauty items, especially when shopping for only one season.

Develop an Anti-Frizz Routine

Frizzy hair is an unfortunate byproduct of humid climates, so develop a tried-and-true routine for combatting it in the warmer months. Start with the basics: when washing, look for keratin or collagen-boosting shampoos and leave your conditioner in for 3-5 minutes before rinsing for extra hydration.  If you can, only wash your hair every other day to avoid stripping hair of its natural oils, which can make frizz worse. Finally, if aerosol hairspray is too sticky and high-powered for your liking, opt for a texturizing sea-salt spray to create beachy, fuller waves that can withstand summer heat.

Ultimately, the best beauty trick for combating summer heat is to find a method that you swear by and stick with it–your hair and skin will thank you for sticking to a well-polished routine! With the right preparation, there’s no reason your face shouldn’t hold up to the heat or keep you from going about your day.


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