The Color Pallet

Splashy Sundays: Mixing Prints and Patterns

We all love prints and patterns but not everyone can master the art of mixing prints and patterns. Sundays should be fun with a little bit of experimenting; how about wearing and pairing your favorite prints like a pro? We know a lot of women are a little scared about mixing different prints together, but with some easy styling tips you can look fly with mixed print and pattern look. The art of mixing prints is not that hard, if you have some style sense and an eye for the right mix. The best way to test your print mixing experiment would be to see if you like yourself in this look and if people are generous enough to throw compliments at you, when you wear mixed prints.

Here are some of the mixed prints styling tips to help you take the baby steps and then becoming a pro in mixing patterns and prints.

1. The Monochrome Mix

The Monochrome MixEverything looks good in black and whites; these two colors add a subtle charm to your everyday looks. Black and white prints can be easily mixed, they combine perfectly. Polka dots top in black and a striped bottom in white or vice versa can be worn anywhere. Mixing with monochromes, don’t make you look sloppy or a fashion disaster. You can also pair black and white leopard print top with a striped bag and plain bottoms and shoes

2. The Color Pallet

The Color PalletWhen playing with colors and prints together, you have to be a little careful. Here’s what you can do when mixing colors and prints—be a little playful, and mix colors that are the closest contrast to each other for example: a brown and white striped top can look good with an orange printed bottom. The best mix and match in this case would be unifying colors or contrasts that are not poles apart.

3. Pick a color

Pick a colorWhen mixing two different prints you can choose different print with some similar cor in them. The unifying element in such looks is created by the color in both top and bottom, which merges the difference with a style and panache. For summers you should pick a light pastel shade in differing prints like aztec bottoms and striped top (The trick is to bring out the color). You fashion accessories like plain shoes and bags in the main color. If the color is quite visible on the top, pull the bottom with the color being not too emphasised, just a hint of that color would do good.

4. Big and small, don’t put all

Big and small, don’t put allThe biggest sin in mixing patterns would be mixing large patterns together, in both top and bottom. If you’ll mix large prints in both top and bottom, you’ll end up looking like all the prints, threw up on you. The best way to mix prints is pair large and small rather than large and lage or small and small. Pulling a big and small print look is a fun way to mix your patterns in any color.

5. Print Blocking

Print BlockingLike color blocking, you can use the same technique with different prints. You can mix different prints by blocking some of the less obvious ones with the ones you want to show more. Like a checkered shirt can be worn with leopard prints by wearing it under your leopard print dress. Show some of the inner print by pulling out sleeves or collars of the inner wear. When accesorizing this look you can rock something plain but with the color within the two pieces of clothing you are wearing.

These easy print mixing tips can save you from looking like a mistake but a mix and match queen. If you are not too comfortable with trying these tips initially, printed shoes and scarves will make it up for your first steps to print and pattern mixing.


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