How To Stay Fashionably Ahead With Frugality

FashionablyIn todays market scenario cluttered with high inflation and most expenses skyrocketing, it has become rather tedious to live or maintain a fashionable lifestyle. Although many people will accept this as a whole hearted new fact of life, some others would beg to differ by adopting new ways in living a fashionable life. As such, there are certain new views of looking at things and new ways of doing the same that one should adopt and adapt to, for staying fashionable with frugality. However, you ought to know how to spend your money and on what. You ought to know your profession and certain pertinent necessities that come annexed with it. For instance, if you are a lawyer buying a cheap briefcase costing a paltry sum would be a bad move than spending on one which would render you better value. As a lawyer you have to maintain your dignity and as most people would see you more often with your briefcase in hand, it is judicious that you spend a little more on the same rather than sticking to the hardcore principle of adopting frugality. Moreover, frugality need not be observed in your pattern of buying certain things. Where purchase of shoes or luggage related items are concerned, you would not like to see yourself run to the nearest store for their breakdown on day to day basis, which is why it is formidable to buy these keeping in mind their quality alongside economy of use. Buying quality stuff is a good investment in most cases. It is surely not any waste of money to invest in stuff, which would give you a relatively low maintenance.  Likewise, if you are one of many office goers than you have to take care to buy shirts, which are cheap, yet which can sustain or weather the harsh effects of unfavorable climatic conditions. Hence, it would be a bad move if you apply the principle of adopting frugality and opt for purchasing extremely cheap shirts. As for me, it is prima facie fashionable to be intelligent and prudent in your purchasing pattern rather than stick with the principle of frugality blindly. The application of frugality is not bad at all.  What makes it look bad is if it is followed blindly without context of the overall scenario. There are certain principles we ought to abide with in order to be fashionable with frugality.

Certain principles to aid one remain fashionable with frugality

Understand Your Fashion Quotient

In other words, define what fashion stands for you. Fashion is different for different people, which is why it’s meaning changes in different scenarios. Once you understand this, you can apply your concept of being frugal in the purchase pattern. If you understand the necessity behind your purchase, fashion can be better understood and frugality can be better adopted in the overall purchase pattern.

Start Small

Apply the principle of being frugal with a great amount of prudence in it. However, until you make this a daily habit of your everyday life starts by applying this principle on smaller transaction of purchases. Only when you have mastered the art of being fashionable with frugality, then only can you adopt the same in some other transactions, which require a serious thought or greater application of mind.

Refrain from Over Buying or Over Spending

Purchasing goods and clothing of the right quality is not bad although they are relatively expensive than some other inferior goods. What you have to adhere to be to purchase what you deserve to own. In other words, do not over buy. If you cultivate this habit only then you would refrain from overspending. This would perfectly sync with your concept of frugality or being frugal, although the quality of goods that you purchase are of good standard. Hence, purchasing of inferior stuff is not being frugal by any means. In my opinion, if you know your desire of purchasing certain items you can make it fashionable enough. Fashion is all about looking good and one can only look good by making the right decisions – be it in way of leading life or by way of making prudent purchases.

Stay Organized

Staying organized would cultivate the habit of getting your things prioritized. Once you understand your priorities well enough, making the right decisions in your day-to-day life would come very easy. One can afford to stay organized either by planning ahead and making it a habit of systematically writing down things. However, this could lead to a more mechanical process of doing things, which would hamper certain proceeding in one’s day-to-day living. Which is why, mental planning is of utmost significance than anything else. Start planning mentally and refrain from using pen and paper at the drop of a hat. Being organized is definitely fashionable and this habit could help you leading a lifestyle ahead of everyone else with optimal frugality.


Many of us think of being frugal to be a bad habit that we cultivate. Which is why, most of us are ashamed to even disclose this in public. Frugality is mistaken for being timid and stringent in day-to-day life applications. However, frugality if combined with apt prudence can enable one afford a fashionable lifestyle much ahead of several others who differ to shy away from it!


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