Wedding Menu Ideas

Surprise Your Guests with These 7 Wedding Menu Ideas

Working out a menu for your wedding? What ideas do you have in mind? Considering the numerous options out there, it is so easy to get overwhelmed. You want something that is unique and special, but most importantly, within your budget. What kind of wedding catering menu ideas fit this description?

The menu is impacted by the season and the foods associated with that time of the year. So for instance, if you want to serve fruits, they should be available in that particular season. Wedding style is another factor to consider. What kind of reception do you want? Traditional or modern? Choose your wedding menu accordingly. For instance, if guests are expected to sit down for dinner, then a buffet can be a good idea. And if you’re serving them with cocktails, then go with seasonal snacks.

Let’s take a look at some mouth-watering and affordable wedding catering menus that are best suited for a particular season and the kind of dinner you want.

Ideas for the Seasons

1. Spring

Tying the knot in the colorful spring season? Go for light flavors and choose fruits, veggies, and herbs. Add some spring fun by including apricot, melon or mint punches. Select dishes that complement the seasonal florals and the warm sunshine. Regarding the setup, adorn the table with bright flowers and pastel colored decorations. 

  • Appetizers: Shrimp salad roles, charcuterie bread, mixed green salad, and a fruity bar
  • Drinks: Bellinis, mint juleps, lemonade in assorted flavors
  • Main Course: Scallops glazed with orange soy, seasoned trout, lamb with asparagus, roasted chicken with herbs
  • Desserts: Lavender cake, candy bar, cotton candy stand

2. Summer

The summer season is probably the most popular time for weddings, particularly if it is a beach wedding! But if you want to escape the heat, you can have dances and celebration indoors as well.

Our summer wedding menu items include basil, cucumber, watermelon, and peaches. Complement them with cooling cocktails and cold, delicious desserts. Yeah, ice cream is at the top of the list!

  • Appetizers: Crab cakes, Caprese salad, antipasto display, chilled watermelon slices
  • Drinks: Sweet tea, basil gimlets, cocktail paletas, and mai tais
  • Main Course: Grilled chicken with summer veggies, mashed potatoes, lobster, shrimp with grits
  • Desserts: Strawberry shortcake, snow cone cart, and ice cream sandwiches

3. Fall

After summer, fall is probably the second most popular time for a wedding for two reasons. The first being the glorious weather that remains quite predictable in August and September, and the second being the wonderful, colorful backdrop for pictures if you have the wedding outdoors. The season’s lovely shades of reds, yellows, and browns look immensely pretty in the background.

What foods are the best? Those that are full of flavors like cozy appetizers and warm cocktails. Select dishes that include root vegetables, cinnamons, pumpkins, and apples.

  • Appetizers: Filo tarts with pumpkin, spinach, and nuts, dates wrapped up in bacon, potato leek soup, sweet potato, cranberry, and brie bites
  • Drinks: Hot apple cider, Moscow mules, honey crisp apple sangria
  • Main Course: Roasted potatoes paired with grilled filet, chicken with wild rice, mushroom risotto
  • Desserts: Carrot cake, pumpkin pies, caramel apples, decadent chocolate cake

4. Winter

When it’s the winter season, the wedding menu should be comfortable enough for the cold weather featuring steamy, sizzling meals and hot beverages. Homely entrees and indulgent deserts work the best.

  • Appetizers: Asparagus wrapped with pancetta, grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, baked brie
  • Drinks: Mulled wine, apple cranberry juice, poinsettia spritz punch and hot toddies
  • Main Course: Filet mignon, lamb with herbs, beef tenderloin, chicken pot pie
  • Desserts: Donut bar, hot chocolate bar, red velvet or dark chocolate cake

If You’re Having A…

5. Sit Down Wedding Menu

The traditional way to serve wedding food is the sit-down menu, also known as the wedding breakfast. Guests sit around a table and eat in a formal kind of way, enjoying dishes that are rich and complex. This dinner style is flexible and can be matched with the themes as well as the season of the year.

  • Appetizers: Asparagus and cream sauce, curried parsnip soup, cheese, and caramelized onion tart
  • Drinks: Pretty pomegranate mimosa, caramel apple cocktail, cardamom berry smash
  • Main Course: Stuffed and pan-fried chicken breasts, drunken ale lamb shank and beef wellington fillet
  • Desserts: Glazed lemon tart, seasonal fruits, cookies, and cream cheesecake, toffee pudding and custard

6. Buffet

Buffets are the preferred dining style if you want guests to mingle and interact, and eat in a less formal way. You can mix and match food items, so there are definitely a lot of menu ideas to choose from.

  • Appetizers: Egg and cress, cheese and spring onion, mini spring rolls, sesame king prawns, miniature crab cakes
  • Drinks: Green tea gimlet, sweet honey bourbon cider, mellow melon margarita, chocolaty peppermint cocktail
  • Main Course: Roast beef, chicken and vegetable satay with peanut sauce, smoked salmon, pasta
  • Desserts: Waffle sundaes, berry parfaits, cake push pops, donuts

7. Barbecue

A barbecue wedding menu offers so many options that your guests are bound to love. Usually a preferred style during the winter season, the meals can be customized to suit your preferences and wedding theme.

  • Appetizers: Potato salad, corn bread, green salad, coleslaw, crusty French bread, mushrooms served with black pepper sauce, garlic and cream
  • Drinks: Margarita madness, fruity, sparkling sangria, lime, and coconut cocktail
  • Main Course: Beef brisket, smoked sausages, ribbed roast, honey glazed ham, roast turkey and cranberry sauce
  • Desserts: Pudding parfaits, milk, and cookies, Rice Krispies treat cake, stacked cookies

So what did you serve at your wedding? Do let us know!


Lauren is Sales Manager at Personal Touch Dining, an award-winning catering and event management company in San Diego. The Personal Touch Dining team has gained widespread recognition for their creative and diverse menus, with seasonal ingredients for every occasion. Lauren enjoys blogging about tips and trends in the wedding and event industry and sharing ideas and tips with those planning for an upcoming event.