How To Make the Grand Wedding Entrance?

8 Ideas to Make Your Wedding Entrance Memorable Forever

Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life. It’s your one day to shine like the brightest star and have all eyes on you. And what better way to garner attention on your big day than to make a grand wedding entrance. There are several ways to make a grand entrance at your wedding. Here are a few ideas you can use to make the entrance a lot more fun.

How To Make the Grand Wedding Entrance?

1. Go As Big As You Can

For an outdoor wedding venue, there are many ways to make a dramatic entrance. Some couples choose to come in a helicopter to their location. If money is no object in the wedding of your dreams, then the possibilities are endless. You can hire an incredibly fancy car, arrive on matching motorcycles, or even go for a hot air balloon entrance!

2. Use Sparklers

We’ll admit that this idea sounds slightly dangerous; however, if someone responsible enough coordinates it, it’s going to work wonderfully, as sparklers are relatively safe. The wedding party can stand in two lines facing each other at a significant distance. Each member of the party can be given a sparkler to hold. As the bride and groom enter, the members of the wedding party can light up the sparklers. It will be like a scene from the movies! This idea is especially perfect for an outdoor wedding venue as it allows the wedding photographer to get some spectacular pictures of the bride and the groom walking through the sparklers.

However, being cautious with this idea is an absolute must, and we suggest buying your sparklers from a reputable seller. We don’t want the entire wedding to go down in a blaze of glory!

3. Themed Entrance

Entrances with a theme are all the rage nowadays. You can base yours on anything that you love as a couple. People have done Star Wars theme entrances and even Game of Thrones theme entrances. The possibilities with this one are endless and can give your wedding an incredibly memorable and unique aspect. You can even incorporate the theme into your wedding venue decorations.

This idea will require some coordination between the wedding party and the DJ as well, but it can truly create something spectacular. If both of you are sports fans, you could do a full team walk wedding party entrance, getting everyone truly hyped for the wedding.

4. Flash Mobs

Flash mobs are an incredibly effective way of getting everyone up on their feet. There are many wedding videos showcasing flash mobs. You can use these videos to get an idea of how to pull it off. Of course, you’ll need your wedding party to organize the entire thing. Rehearsing dances takes a commitment, but on the day, it’ll be so worth it.

You can further put your own unique twist on things by using props or attaching a theme to the mob. A flash mob is a quick and easy way to get everyone at the outdoor wedding venue involved. Guests will be sure to talk about your fun flash mob entrance for years to come.

5. Running Through a Banner

Grand entrances at a wedding don’t have to be expensive; they can be relatively inexpensive and still be memorable. Running through a banner with your bride or groom is an absolutely adorable idea. The banner could say something adorable like your names or “we did it.”

Furthermore, the banner could match the overall décor of the wedding venue, making everything even more aesthetically appealing. It’s an entrance that’s sure to take your guests by surprise and get them laughing.

6. The Rose Entrance

Another relatively cost-effective way of making a grand entrance is ordering a thousand or so rose petals for your entrance. You can choose between red or white petals, depending on whether you want the pedals to stand out from the bride’s dress, or compliment it.

When the bride and groom enter, the wedding party along with the guests attending can get up and form two lines. Ask the DJ to put on your perfect song and then proceed to walk through a shower of roses. The petals flying up in the air around you will make for very beautiful pictures. Furthermore, this idea incorporates everyone, including all the guests. Because of this, it will ensure that everyone remembers your wedding for a long time.

7. The Surprise Entrance

Everyone loves surprises. Having the bride and groom enter from an unexpected location can help create a very unique entrance. Wedding venues typically have lots of different entrances and you can play this to your advantage by entering from somewhere no one really anticipates.

An easy way to do this entrance would be to direct the wedding party to use the entrance everyone is expecting and then simply use a different way to enter yourself. You could enter from behind the stage or emerge from a completely hidden spot. It’s sure to take your guests by surprise, and a surprise is indeed memorable.

8. Piggyback Entrance

Everyone loves a couple that can have fun, and there’s nothing more adorable than a groom carrying their significant other. Giving a piggyback ride looks absolutely adorable and to make it even more fun, the entire wedding party can choose to enter this way.

At the end of the day, your wedding is all about you and your significant other, so be sure to celebrate your big day in the best way possible. Let deck655 bring out the energy and excitement of your wedding to make it a magical night for everyone—especially you and your beloved!


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