Hottest Hairstyle 2019

6 Hottest Hairstyle and Accessories for Summer Days in 2019

When it comes to hair accessory trends in 2019 it is mostly already known what additions will enhance your hairstyle perfectly. The upcoming warmer days welcome bright colors and flower patterns as well as many new accessories that will probably stay for a few seasons just as they arrived. It is time to experiment and let go of your own style in the most casual manner. This summer you will be able to use as much hair accessories on your hair as you want and it will all be praised as the right fashion move. In today’s article, we will present you with four looks that will be easy to adjust at any moment and more importantly, they will shine with a glance at any occasion.

1. Wavy Lids Are an Absolute Trend

Wavy Lids Are an Absolute Trend

This look is high on the trend lists this year too, and why shouldn’t it be, when the rough and wavy lids fit both every day and party occasions? The newest arrivals presented by chic hair accessory retailer will provide you with just the items that you need to perfectly enhance this style. This outlook is perfectly suitable for jeans and a t-shirt, or a nice dress. You will look polished, but not as if you have tried too hard.

The hair is not rigid and you can easily turn the hair from one side to another. You can enhance this style by washing hair with volume shampoo, but remember, use conditioner only for lengths so it does not weigh on the hair. Curl small hair parts at a time and spray the curls with a texturizer spray. Finish with a flexible hair spray that does not stiffen your hair.

2. The Tall Ponytail

The Tall Ponytail

Straight or curly hair, the high ponytail is always a good option. Think of famous Ariana Grande high ponytail as a model that will rock this season. The hairstyle is quick and easy and can be used for both party and everyday wear at school or work. 

A good tip is to hide the knit with your hair. Take a lock of hair, twist it tightly around the root of the ponytail and attach with a pair of hairpins at the back of the ponytail.

3. Tight Hair Setup

Tight Hair Setup

Many associate tight layouts with prom in school. We do that too, but it’s one of the hottest hair trends in 2019, and we like it because it can save any bad hair day!

This year, we plan to go for tight hair setup with high braid, or perhaps the combination of the braid with a bun.

4. Don’t Hesitate to Use as Many Accessories as You Want

Use as Many Accessories

When it comes to hair accessories in 2019, “less is more” is non-existent! This year it is super-hot to have lots of accessories, whether you prefer flowers, hairpins or various buckles.

Hairpins, or bobby pins, have long been undervalued and only used to keep hair in place (secretly). This year, you no longer need to hide them. Yes, we say “them” because you can have as many as you want. Pull the hair aside and attach as many hairpins as you want, either side by side or in the shape of a cross. Play out!

5. Gavroche


As the season in a row retro style, is considered a sign of good taste. This statement can also be seen in fashion trends for 2019 women’s hairstyles since Gavroche has become one of the most popular hairstyles. This haircut opens the face and focuses on its flattering characteristics and at the same time exposing its deficiencies. That’s why this haircut will suit girls with the harmonious look, right cheekbones, and chin.

For Gavroche characteristic elongated, pointed whiskey and extra volume on top. In this case, the neckline is open. This makes a hairstyle with a mandatory thinning of all layers. In the classic version, fringe is tied to a triangular shape, making it more refined and pointed. Facial shape and hair texture are really important for creating this hairstyle, so you should carefully consolidate with your stylist about your decision. Master individually produces the best variant of hairstyle, which is complemented by appropriate bangs. It can be styled to be the asymmetric, broken or oblique front beach.

6. Different Types of Bob

Different Types of Bob

Fans of short hairstyles will finally be rewarded: fashion too far, curly parts began to fade, and the backdrop of admiration for unisex, the most extravagant hairstyles again on horseback. So what bobs will rock the 2019 season? Pixie with bangs. Basically bangs back in fashion, and that is the background of a daring pixie hairstyle looking particularly good.

An ultra-short boyish hairstyle, that made Charlize Theron and Amber Rose look famously. Modern fashion ladies spit the logical idea that the hair doesn’t need to grow hair to the waist, to feel sexy and liberated.

Graduation Short Hairstyles Bob is also on top of popularity. Due to the volume at the roots, this design looks classic and reserved but can be transformed into something bright at any time.

And, of course, we can’t forget that asymmetry. Hairstyle with one side shaved whiskey is still very popular with ladies of all ages. The most important thing is not to overdo and save your own femininity.


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