Scrubs For Petite

The Best Scrubs For Petite People

Scrubs are quite the important sanitary clothing needed by the medical personnel performing surgery. For the most part, you want to ensure that the scrubs fit as they should. Oversized scrubs can cause you to trip or get caught by doors, while undersized scrubs will make you uncomfortable. It is somewhat hard to find scrubs for medical personnel with small bodies. However, be rest assured that we have seen some of the best scrubs for petite people.

1. Sivvan

Women and some men are the most affected when it comes to finding small scrubs. With a top and pant fitting that starts at a very small size of xx, you will find one that is sure to fit. Features such as a back pocket, different colors, and a tapered look will make you look and feel comfortable as you get your duties done. Sivvan trousers have a drawstring which is way better for nurses.

2. Cherokee Workwear

The extra features of the xx-petite scrubs from this brand make them such a big hit with nurses. The top has three pockets, two of which are on the top and one inside. These pockets provide more space to hold extra equipment you may require, saving time. The pants have two front pockets and one in the back that you can use to store objects as you work. It is accurate to state that the number of bags you get with this scrub will help you be more efficient instead of moving back and forth looking for equipment. The wrap style-inspired design on the top also enhances your comfort levels.

3. Grey’s Anatomy Top

First off, you will be getting a pick of your choice from the twelve colors the v-neck top comes in. You will find that you can work better as the top is made by utilizing moisture-wicking technology that keeps you dry and fresh as you move about. The spandex material used ensures maximum comfort for the wearer. The four patch pockets are also a reason to choose this brand. For the excellent quality, it is an affordable scrub to most nurses.

4. KOI Basics

The microfiber spandex makes it the lightest petite scrub to adorn. This garment’s most desirable features include a secret phone pocket with a button clasp, a bungee loop for holding your ID, and four well-seamed pockets. You will surely appreciate the petite scrubs from this brand.

5. Jaanuu Moto Pant

The pants sizes begin at extra small, ensuring that most nurses with small bodies will find a great fit. Most nurses approve these pants based on their comfort, owing to the ForminaFlex fabric accommodating both wide and narrow hips. The material can keep off wetness from your skin and keeps you hygienic, and dries all day.

No matter which of the scrubs you go for, there are a few factors you need to consider before getting petite scrubs. You will need to research the wicking level, color, material, neckline, pockets, and durability. These factors will save you time and ensure maximum comfort and even safety.



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