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The Gentleman’s Guide to Gifting Lingerie for Women

Buying lingerie is not a gentleman’s forte. Its one thing buying your lady some chocolates or a designer handbag, and totally another picking up something like lingerie, which is close to her heart, literally. You have mastered the art of picking out the other gifts already. Just the thought of buying lingerie though evokes mixed emotions in all men per se- the thrill of seeing their love in the sexy lingerie picked by them and the sheer horror of picking a wrong one.

But what if we tell you that we can share some tips and tricks that will make buying lingerie for your beloved seem like a child’s play? This guide will not only give you an insight into the world of lingerie but you will also be able to zero in on what you wish to purchase.

1. The first step

Getting the size right is extremely important. There are two ways of going about it. You can either rummage through her lingerie drawer to find the size out from the lingerie that she already has. Or you can simply ask her, but that is bound to kill the surprise. Armed with the right bra size you can walk into that lingerie store head held high or start browsing through online lingerie stores. Remember, the size of bra and panty may not be the size of other lingerie.

2. Gauge what your girl wants

If your girl would swoon over some sexy lingerie; you have a whole lot of sexy stuff just waiting to be picked. There are babydoll sets, bikini sets, bralette sets, thongs, and sexy nightwear to pick from. You can even play around with fabrics in lingerie. So, there is jacquard, satin, and lace to pick from in the sexy lingerie criteria. If your lady is more into simpler stuff and you feel that gifting her satin or lace would seem OTT to her, then, you needn’t be disappointed at all. You can go for a balconette bra which is perfect harmony between sexy and classy.

3. Why stop at bra and panty

The world of lingerie is quite wide and varied. If you wish to gift your sweetheart some lingerie then you can even explore the sexy nightwear section at every lingerie store online and even in brick and mortar lingerie stores. Trust the advice, getting lingerie as a gift from her man is going to be a pleasant surprise for her. Once you have gone through her lingerie drawer you would have had a fair idea of her size and taste. Most nightwear comes in the sizes used by clothes i.e. S, M or an L.

Some more Ideas to choose from

  • Babydolls

BabydollsIf your ladylove likes to play the sultry siren, then, you can pick some sheer babydolls for her with thongs or a one-piece teddy which leaves very little for the imagination.

  • Lingerie Sets

Lingerie setsWhen it is foreplay that your beloved is into, then, buying her multiple piece lingerie sets which have several layers is a good choice for her. As the layers come off the heat in the room gets high!

  • Neon Colored Lingerie

Neon ColoredHave you spotted her wearing quirky colors? You can then take your chances and buy her some neon colored lingerie which is sure to make things in the room a little playful.

  • Geometric or Animal Printed Lingerie

Animal Printed BraFor the wildcat lurking in your lady, you can pick up some geometric or animal printed lingerie.

  • Floral Print Lingerie

Floral PrintSweet much? Go for floral prints in soft fabrics like jacquard, satin or lace. A lacy bralette in soft pastels is sure to vow her too.

  • Strapless Balconette

Strapless BalconetteBold and beautiful; if these two words come to your mind when you think about your girl then some scintillating halter necks or strapless balconettes should be the gift for her.


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