Buying and Wearing Lingerie

The Ultimate Guide to Buying and Wearing Lingerie (Do’s and Don’ts)

Lingerie is one of life’s greatest small pleasures. It’s like a sexy secret you can keep to yourself or share, if so inclined. However, all lingerie is not created equally. Not only are there many different lingerie styles to choose between, but the prospect of buying lingerie can be downright overwhelming. And while shopping for lingerie should be fun, there’s nothing like the feeling of terror that accompanies trying on lingerie in a brightly lit dressing room.

This doesn’t mean that your lingerie drawer has to remain woefully empty, however. Instead, use this handy roundup of dos and don’ts to stock up on beautiful, flattering, and feel-good lingerie.

Do: Know your size…and embrace it.

Stock up on beautiful basics and essentials

According to studies referenced in the New York Times, between 70 and 100 percent of women may be wearing the wrong bra size. The first step towards ensuring your bras fit and flatter you: getting sized by a professional.

Lingerie expert Cora Harrington says that bra fittings shouldn’t be seen as a chore but as an opportunity to learn your correct size and more about how your bras should fit.

Don’t: Worry about what size you are.

Knowing your size is different from obsessing over it. Like age, your bra size is just a number and nothing more. Wearing lingerie that fits well will help you look and feel your best — and that’s much more important than an arbitrary measurement.

Do: Put quality first.

Because lingerie is the clothing item you wear closest to your body, choosing lingerie made from high-quality materials is a must. In addition to using better fabric, high-quality lingerie is more mindfully constructed with the potential to transform an average undergarment into an extraordinary piece of lingerie.

Buying lingerie from businesses that specialize in it is also a wise move. While other companies are multitasking, lingerie brands are dedicating all of their time and effort to designing and producing various types of intimate wear while also keeping up with the latest trends and pushing the boundaries of design innovation.

Don’t: Automatically assume that expensive is better.

While some fantastic high-end lingerie brands and exquisite luxury intimates are out there, it’s a mistake to automatically assume that a particular bra or pair of panties is better just because it has a high price tag. While cost can be a measure of quality, it’s far from the only one. Many of the best lingerie brands known for making everything from unforgettable date night lingerie and wedding lingerie to sticky bras put affordability at the forefront.

Do: Stock up on beautiful basics and essentials.

Worry about what size you are

Certain types of lingerie have become the go-to’s for contemporary dressing. For example, staples like t-shirt bras, plunge bras, push-up bras, unlined lace demi bras, and sticky bras can be serious wardrobe workhorses.

Stocking up on these pieces isn’t just about buying lingerie but also about making the most of these clothes in your closet. In simplest terms, the right lingerie makes your clothes look better. For example, a lace adhesive bra is a modern must-have with many hard-to-wear tops and dresses, such as strapless, plunge, and backless designs.

Don’t: Be afraid to mix things up.

While it’s important to consider practicality and wearability when shopping for lingerie, keep in mind that lingerie is also the ultimate act of self-expression. To that end, make sure to seek out a few whimsical and over-the-top pieces with the “wow” factor, such as cheeky bottoms or an unexpectedly sexy adhesive bra.

Do: Treat your lingerie with TLC.

Treat your lingerie with TLC

Lingerie can add elements of fun and romance to your life while also helping your clothes look better. Shouldn’t you return the favor by giving it the care and attention it deserves? Plus, properly caring for these items can also help them retain their shape and last longer.

While some lingerie can be washed in cold water on the gentle cycle, more delicate fabrics need to be washed by hand. Because elastic is vulnerable to cracking, wearing down, and stretching when exposed to heat, avoid machine drying. Tools like mesh laundry bags and S-hooks can also be your new best friends when it comes to maintaining the condition of your lingerie.

Don’t: Ignore manufacturer’s care recommendations.

Different types of lingerie have additional care requirements. The best way to protect all of your lingerie? Follow the care instructions on the tag.

Whether you’re restocking your lingerie drawer, in need of a piece of specialty lingerie, or just feel like pampering yourself, wearing the right lingerie can be uniquely empowering. Follow these dos and don’ts to not only find the best lingerie for your needs but also to identify the pieces that will best showcase your clothing, your curves, and your personality.


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