Tips for Styling Headbands

Tips for Styling Headbands from Day to Night

Headbands are back in a big way, and they’re a lot different from the thin, plastic bands from our elementary school years. Now, you can find headbands in a wide variety of gorgeous colors, beautiful patterns, and high-quality fabrics. Even better, today’s headbands are designed to look and feel good. That’s right: No more headband-related headaches or sore ears! Not only does this make them much more comfortable to wear, but it also means you can keep them on all day (and night) long.

Headbands to Take

Ready to learn how to style headbands for daytime and nighttime wear? We’re giving you all of our favorite tips below.

Keeping Your Headband in Place All Day

Before we get to headband hairstyles, you’re probably thinking: “How am I supposed to keep my headband from slipping off every few minutes?” Luckily, there are a few simple hacks that can help you secure your look:

  • Use bobby pins to hold fabric bands or slim headbands in place. Disguise the pins by tucking them into the hair behind your ears.
  • Avoid headbands with an uncomfortable fit. Does it pinch in some spots while feeling loose in others? Not only will this fit be annoying to deal with all day, but it’s likely to slip around.
  • Use a slim headband with a grippy texture beneath a larger fabric headband to keep them both from sliding off.
  • Add a bit of hairspray, pomade, or another texturizer to your hair before putting on your headband. You don’t need to apply the product all over – stick to the spot where your headband will sit for a little extra staying power.

Headbands to Take You from Work to Working Out

Have a workout class in the evening and not much time after work to get ready for it? Headbands are the perfect solution. In the morning, sweep hair away from your face with a stretchy, fabric headband, but keep your hair down for a cute, professional look. When it’s time to head to the gym, pull your loose locks into a bun or ponytail and adjust your headband to ensure it’s still comfortable. This is a great way to get your hair off your neck and keep it out of your face!

Easy Hairstyles for All of Your Summer Plans

Knotted Headband

Is your summer schedule packed to the brim? Look stylish from mornings on the sand to evenings out on the town with one simple hair accessory. Start with a messy bun to keep your hair off your neck during the warmest hours of the day. Then, add a comfy headband in your favorite color or print. When the sun goes down, and it’s time to dress up, swap your bun for a chic chignon or loose, beachy waves. Pull a few strands out of the headband to frame your face, and you have an Instagram-worthy summer look!

How to Style Headbands with Short Hair

Easy Hairstyles for All of Your Summer Plans

Rocking a pixie cut or lob? Headbands look amazing with short hair, too! The key is choosing bands that won’t overpower your locks. For example, simple, slim headbands add an elegant touch to short hair. Plus, they’re casual enough to wear for daytime activities like errands, working at the office, and more. For the evening, go for a glam look with velvet fabrics or sparkly jewels.

Using Scarves as Headbands


If you’ve yet to invest in a trendy headband, you can still achieve the same look with a small, lightweight scarf. Just like headbands, these accessories come in so many fun patterns and colors, so you’re sure to find one that matches your outfit. Plus, they’re super easy to style; all you have to do is place them over your head where you would put a headband, then tie the ends at the nape of your neck. Leave your hair down, pull it into a messy bun, or create a stylish bubble pony – the options are nearly endless!

You can also get creative by tying your scarf into different twists and knots. A simple knot at the top of the headband creates a classy yet casual look, while bows are perfect for days when you want to be a little more girly.

Style from Sunrise to Sunset

Las Vegas Collection Red Braided Headband

When you’ve got a full schedule, you don’t have time to deal with complicated hairstyles. Luckily, headbands can help you look polished all day and only take a few seconds to style. Ready to rock this trending accessory for yourself? We can’t wait to see what looks you create!


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