Dry Skin

Tips for Oily or Dry Skin

You may turn on the television or open a magazine and constantly faced with products which advertise themselves as being the best care for your skin. However, have you ever taken the time to consider what works best for you?

Everyone is unique and different; this covers all aspects of your life, including the way you look, your hair and your skin. There are those with very fare skin and those with very dark skin, others who have an oily complexion and others with very dry skin. Each skin type needs to be treated in a unique way as there are products designed specifically for dry skin, which would not work on someone with oily skin. You cannot just pick up any moisturiser or toner from the supermarket and expect it to work, as you may find it can be more of a hindrance then a help.

Oily Skin:

Are you someone who is prone to oily skin? Here is what you should do:

Oily Skin1. Use a Slightly Acidic Cleanser

Don’t be put off by the word acidic, many soaps or other products you may use on your skin could be high in alkaline levels and this tends to take away the natural acid covering on your skin, which is essential for protecting your skin against bacteria. Using a cleanser morning and night will help to maintain this balance on your skin keeping it nice and smooth and oil free.

2. Use Toner Free of Alcohol

If you’re someone who has a regimented skin care regime, you may wash your face with a cleanser, and then follow this up with a toner. Ensure that this toner is alcohol free, as alcohol found in toners is very drying on the skin, thus it sends messages to the receptors in your skin that you need to increase the amount of oil produced to balance it out. By using a toner free of alcohol, your skin can remain clean and fresh without any added oil being produced.

3. Use Oil Free Moisturisers

Finally, this may seem obvious, but after using a cleanser and toner, use a moisturiser that is oil free. Your skin, however oily, will still need moisture although you may feel otherwise. By using oil free moisturisers you can ensure that your skin remains hydrated and smooth, without making it feel greasy.

Dry Skin:

Are you someone who is prone to dry skin? Here is what you should do:

Dry Skin1. Wash your Face with Warm Water, not Hot

Although you may love a hot steamy shower, this will be drying out your skin, especially if you are not moisturising whilst in the shower and once you get out. The steam from the shower strips away the natural oil in your body and so taking a short warm shower would be more beneficial. Once out the shower you should pat dry your body and moisturise all over to keep the moisture enriched in your skin

2. Use Natural Ingredients

If you can, find moisturisers which are natural exfoliants. The best you could get would be one with papaya in. You may even be surprised to know that Greek yoghurt is a great moisturiser, as it has been noted to use lactic acid as opposed to scrubbing granules to exfoliate the skin and remove dry skin.

3. Wrap up

This may also seem obvious, but especially when it is cold and windy outside, if your skin is on show then the cold winds will cause your skin to dry up. Wrapping up and ensuring that you remain covered and warm will ensure that the moisture remains in your skin and prevent it from drying out.

These are just a few of the tips that can be undertaken to help with your dry or oily skin. You may find that some of these can help you out even if you aren’t prone to dry or oily skin, purely as a way to prevent your skin from losing any moisture or getting too dry.


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