Graduation Gifts

5 Luxury Items That Make Great Graduation Gifts

Graduation GiftsGraduation day is a big deal in many cultures. It symbolises the end of student life, and the beginning of a promising career, and it’s often the time when young adults suddenly feel very grown up. That’s why it’s so important to mark the big day with a luxurious gift. After all, your graduate has worked hard for their degree, and they deserve to be spoiled on their big day. Here are some gifts that are sure to delight on graduation day.

1. Cars

Even if your friend or relative had a car during their student days, it is no doubt looking a bit worn down by now, and a new car can really help with their new career. Employers are keen to find people who can drive, and having their own transport can really give a graduate the edge when going for competitive jobs. Go for a practical, reliable car that will give them the best mileage for their money. Of course, if they don’t drive yet, then driving lesson vouchers can also get them on the right path.

2. Designer goods

When your fresh-faced graduate turns up to their new job, they are going to be working with older people who are well turned out. Designer items can give them confidence on their first day. Gift ideas include:

  • Suits
  • Handbags
  • Shoes
  • Watches
  • Scarves
  • Vouchers for high-end retailers

Just being able to wear something new and luxurious is sure to make the graduate feel appreciated, and designer items often last for many years, so they can be worn again and again.

3. Jewellery

There’s no gift quite so special as jewellery, and when it’s presented on a special day such as graduation, it ensures that the item is always associated with good memories. An item that can be worn everyday such as a gold necklace or bracelet is always appreciated, or you could go for diamonds to really emphasise the importance of the occasion. It’s also easy to get jewellery engraved, so you can add a simple, yet heart-warming message of love to them.

4. Technology

Your new graduate will have lots of new contacts to make, e-mails to send, and appointments to keep, so why not give them the gift of technology? Smartphones and tablets are great ideas for those who are going to be starting a new job, or you could look at high-end laptops for those who are braving the competitive world of freelancing. Many graduates would have worn out their technological items through writing essays and studying, and something shiny and new can really help encourage them.

5. Travel

Whether it’s plane tickets, luxury luggage, or just a cheque for the graduate to deposit in their graduate fund, helping with travel costs is often appreciated by adventurous graduates. Travelling not only gives them some time off after their hard work, but it also broadens the mind, and can look very impressive on their CV. Some relatives even pay for graduates to have voluntary experiences abroad, meaning they can enjoy the culture in another country, and have plenty of things to talk about in their interviews once they get back home.

Graduation can be both an exciting and scary time, and it means that your loved one is stepping out into the big wide world. That’s why it’s important to buy them a gift that’s thoughtful, as well as generous, and something that they can use in their new job, or to encourage them to broaden their horizons is always a safe bet.


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