Eyeliner Eyes

Top 5 Risky Beauty Products Today

We all love to look good, of course, we love to look our best, but we are unaware that how this makeup beauty routine could be bad for us. Here are the top beauty health risks we are undergoing daily with salons or other beauty treatments.

1. Lovely Eyes with Eyeliner

Eyeliner Eyes

It is almost impossible to find a girl who is unaware to eyeliner. It has been around for more than ten decades and is very common with many women as an eye makeup to make them look beautiful. However, most women don’t even have a clue what eyeliner could cause to them. The first thing is that it is made from chemicals that can cause any side effects. They not only cause irritation but using it more too often and applying much close to the inner corners can cause blocked tear ducts. To avoid this from happening, use natural eyeliner and avoid applying it too close to the inner area of the eye. And you need to replace your eyeliner every three months.

2. Sexy Tight Ponytails

Tight Ponytails

If you are wondering how a pony tail could damage your health, then here it is. You may not think about the risks caused by wearing hair styles that can affect your looks and of course it affects how you feel. Wearing tight ponytail can actually strain the ligament in the scalp causing headaches and hair loss. Also wearing tight bands or tying up hair in a tight braid can also have the same effects. If you feel a headache then immediately let your hair free to ease the scalp.

3. Colourful Hair Dye

Colourful Hair dye

While getting rid of your hair colour may appear to be a daunting task, carrying on with colouring your hair could have even more scary outcomes. The chemical substance para-phenylenediamine is believed to be behind approximately 80 % of hypersensitive reactions to hair colour. While most of these allergies are fairly minor like blisters, it has been associated with more serious allergies such as permanent hair loss or sometimes death, although this needs to be further investigated. For this reason, it is very important to perform a 24 hour patch test every time you use a dye. It is however advised to use chemical free, natural hair dyes instead of PPD ones in order to avoid any drastic side effects.

4. Silky Straight Hair

Silky Straight Hair

Most women choose hair salon treatments to maintain straight or curly hair for months at a time. Nevertheless, government issued a health warning in 2011 on the hazards of contact with the carcinogen chemicals found in straightening products listed as formaldehyde-free.

Whilst salon employees who use these chemicals on a daily basis are at the most risk, it is a wise decision to replace such dangerous products by manual hair straightening procedure that uses blow drying and straightening irons.

5. Mascara


Mascara can conceal bacteria that is transferred into the product after every application and which can multiply in the warm, dark conditions of the mascara bottle, possibly triggering eye infections. In order to reduce these risks, make sure you store your product in a cool place and never forget to change it every three months. Also, it is not recommended to use such products when you are moving, such as applying it when you are in the car or train as the motion can lead to scratches that may lead to infections.

To completely avoid these risks, there is no other option but to stop using such chemical products but visit healthy spa hotels to rejuvenate your body and soul. If you get healthy from inside out, then that will be clearly visible on your skin with a new glow and younger look.


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