Engagement rings – Options Galore For you To Explore

An engagement is an occasion where a couple announces their promise to be together for their lifetime to the world. Engagement rings are the most important part of the event which then represents a symbol of commitment towards one’s beloved. Although it looks simple, the time money and energy consumed in selecting and finalizing an engagement ring can go much beyond your assumption. The innumerable designs and choices lead you to the situation of “problem of plenty” and thus it makes enough sense for you to firstly know the various kinds of options available and then move further.

Princess Diamond Rings

Purchasing engagement rings is the most difficult and traumatic phase for the husbands – to – be. More the variety the more the confusions and it’s the same case with purchasing the most suitable engagement ring. If you are proposing your girl to get engaged with you, make sure you read the following carefully. Jewelry is known to be women’s most favorite gift. With the passage of time, jewelry designs have gone through a lot of progression and advancement and hence, there are options galore that you can choose from.

There are 3 main parts of a ring. The first is the base of the ring which is called the band. You need to firstly find out what type of band would you want to purchase for your girl. It can be a silver shining band, gold glittering band or a platinum band. Then it is the setting of the ring, which can be hidden or more prominent in design. The last and main part is the type of stone you choose. The look and grace of your engagement ring majorly depends on the stone you choose as it is the most prominent part of the ring. However, there are numerous styles available for the kind of stone that you can choose from.

You have to make a firm decision about the shape of the stone placed in the center of the ring. It can be a square shaped stone, circular, pear shaped, heart shaped, cushion shaped stone, etc. You have to be very meticulous about the shape of the center stone as it determines whether your girl will or will not like the ring. If you are not sure of her taste, the best thing that can be done is to purchase a solitaire. Engagement rings with solitaire are most liked by all women due to the elegance and charm of its simplicity. Its shine reflects the majestic and imperial feel attached to the high priced stone. A heart shaped stone works wonders to express your love to your girl and it also fills your relationship with a tinge of romance and passion. A square shaped stone is liked by a lot of women too. You can also choose a ring with 3 stones which is available in various designs.

Apart from this, you need to know whether you want a colored stone or a clear stone ring. Diamond is, undoubtedly, the best choice for a clear stone ring. There are other precious and popular colored stones available like ruby, emerald, sapphire, etc. that are used for rings with exclusive designs.

If your girl is keen on exclusivity and designer wear, then you can also get engagement rings designed by well – famed jewelry designers. This option is simple as here you are not required to check out various options which are already designed, but instead, you can have a custom made ring exclusively for your girl.

For any option to work out for you, it is very important that you know what your girl likes and choose the engagement rings accordingly.


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