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Top Quinceanera Dress Styles To Consider

If you live in the US or any Latin American country, you will already know about the Quinceanera. It is a traditional social event for a girl to celebrate her 15th birthday, as this is seen as the start of a girl’s journey to womanhood. Just like the prom, the Quinceanera is a milestone in every girl’s life, and when choosing a dress style, here are a few pointers.

Trust Your Inner Feelings

It is always difficult when looking at Quince dresses online, as all of your friends will certainly give you their opinion and this can sway you. Once you have made up your mind, there’s nothing wrong with asking friends what they think of your choice, but you should be the one with the final say. Whether traditional or sexy, if you let your inner self decide, you won’t regret it.

Traditional Corset Style Dress

Quinceanera Traditional Corset Style Dress

This is a firm favorite for many girls and all of the top designers would have a few traditional corset style gowns, which are perfect for the Quinceanera. Pastel colors are the most popular in this section, along with cream or ivory. Browse dress boutiques for the best choice of colors and fabrics.

Mermaid Dress

Quinceanera Mermaid Dress

If you have an enviable hourglass figure, why not show it by wearing a stunning mermaid design? Of course, you need a figure that is suitable for a shape-hugging mermaid dress and if you fall into this category, go for it! One of the most important things when ordering a mermaid dress is accurate measurements. Follow the supplier’s measuring instructions to determine your bust-waist-hip measurements. If in doubt, ask your local seamstress to measure you up. Emerald green or sky blue both work with this style of dress.

Go Strapless

Quinceanera Strapless Dress

The current trend is for strapless Quinceanera designs and with the right bra, a strapless gown offers more freedom. Spend a couple of hours browsing the dress boutique’s website, where you can view strapless Quinceanera dresses from top designers such as Jovani, Sherri Hill, Ellie Wilde, and Just Peachy, all at affordable prices.

Cap Sleeve Dress

Quinceanera Cap Sleeve Dress

If you would like to wear a unique design Quince dress, consider a slick-looking cap sleeve design from one of the top designers. Shopping online for top designer dresses means big savings, as the online boutique does not have the massive overheads of a trendy retail store, which is very costly to maintain. You can save as much as 40% on the recommended retail prices when you shop at the online dress boutique.

You should also be aware that ordering a dress online offers you the same consumer protection as when you shop in a traditional store. Using Google Images will bring you all the design inspiration you need and when you have found the perfect dress design, search for the online boutique.

Once you have acquired the perfect dress, you can start to think about hair, make-up, and accessories and when the big day finally arrives, you will look and feel like the belle of the ball!


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